New Wabash Mag – Alumnus Review

The following is part of an e-mail from a good friend in the Class of 1977:

"The magazine is great on so many levels: the articles are interesting and well-written- as we would expect from liberally educated authors, the layouts are compelling and draw you in, the content draws on our legacy and shared history and yet still manages to be forward focused, there is a great mix of themes and good balance in the mix of articles involving alumni/faculty/staff/administration/Andy Ford/NAWM/Wabash Board/students, good balance in the academics/sports/campus activities mix-the list of superlatives is long. The magazine is a great reflection on the college and the men and women who make up the Wabash community. Long live the Grunge report !

And yes, the David Hadley article is the immediate catalyst driving me to write this letter-good to read about your continuing commitment to educate and make a difference in peoples’ lives, David.

Thank you, Staffers and Editors, for the quality of the effort that evidently goes into the production of the mag- it connects me to a community that is very important to me."


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Wabash vs. Allegheny – Family Affair

Meadville, PA.  For once the weather was beautiful – a great day for football.  Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel wasn’t in town – as opposed to four years ago.  Despite a week full of rain, the field was in pretty good shape.

Jim Forbes ’42 was the oldest alumnus to attend the tailgate and game.  Jim’s son, also, Jim, came with his father.  Jim junior graduated from Allegheny where he was a varsity athlete in cross country.  Jim senior’s grandson, with the bright red hair, also attended the game.

Great day…fun time…close, competitive football game enjoyed by family and friends – it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Photo:  Jim Forbes Jr. holding his son while Jim Forbes Sr., Wabash ’42, is on the right.     

In Case You Were Wondering

The 2005 Div. III Football Playoff Schedule

First Rounds (16)
November 19, 2005
To be determined (on campus)

Second Rounds (8)
November 26, 2005
To be determined (on campus)

December 3, 2005
To be determined (on campus)

December 10, 2005

To be determined (on campus)

December 17, 2005

Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl
Salem, Virginia
Hosts: City of Salem and Old Dominion Athletic Conference
For tickets call: 540/375-3004

Meadville Morning

Drove to Meadville (home of Allegheny) yesterday…rained off and on for the last 100 miles.  There’s a surprise!!!

It isn’t supposed to rain today…but the first thing in the travel bag was the Wabash poncho!!!

I would have included picture of the fall foliage this morning but the fog is too thick.  Turn on your shower, let it run for 10 minutes on full hot, then look in the mirror.  That’s what it looks like outside.

Big game today…can’t wait!

Matt Griffith '89 – Force Behind Moot Court

Wabash just finished another very successful round of Moot Court.  It’s a tremendous experience for our students – especially those considering the legal profession.  Regardless of their chosen careers, all of our previous Moot Court participants list it as one of their best Wabash experiences. 

Matt Griffith ’89, a partner in the firm of Thrasher Buschmann Griffith Voelkel in Indianapolis, is responsible in large part for bringing Moot Court to Wabash.  

Thanks Matt for making a difference at Wabash!

Photo: Matt Griffith ’89(l) talks to another judge in the 2005 Moot Court competition, Judge Dave Ault ’70. 

Fall Is Here

The campus maple trees work the hardest to keep their summer greens intact.  However, even the maples must eventually give way to the march of summer into fall and fall into the football playoffs…ah…I mean…winter.  (Playoffs on my mind!)

The Class of 1971 tree, which sits between the Lilly Library and Caleb Mills House, is slowly giving in…

That can only mean one thing – time to begin hearing a familiar "ring" around campus once again!

Wabash Pep Band Features Brake Drum

Someone once described a particular sound as "music to my ears".  For a vast majority of our Wabash football fans, that music on football days is brought to you by our small but talented Pep Band.

The band was particularly good at the Witt game, playing a very high energy "Old Wabash."

I have  to confess, my favorite instrument of all in the Pep Band is the brake drum.  How many bands do you know that feature the distinctive sound that can only come from a drum stick colliding at high speed with a brake drum?  Not many, I assure you.

I certainly hope, as the years go by, that the brake drum isn’t replaced in the band by it’s better performing but nowhere near as musical little brother, the disc brake caliper.  That just wouldn’t be right…