A Rose by Any Other Name

This week, Professor of Rhetoric Todd McDorman was quoted along with other experts in an Ohio newspaper story about Pete Rose’s chances for being admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball is a passion for McDorman, who carries it into his love of teaching in the classroom. A 2003 story for Wabash Magazine contained an excerpt from McDorman’s essay “The Rhetorical Resurgence of Pete Rose: A Second Change Apologia,” published in Case Studies in Sport Communication.

In March 2010, Prof. McDorman attended the Fourth Summit on Sport and Communication in Cleveland, Ohio. There he presented “Image (Dis)Repair in Pete Rose’s My Prison Without Bars.” The essay was selected for a special issue of the Journal of Communication Studies that was devoted to sport communication. He reprised the presentation the following week at Wally at the Bat, the Wabash campus baseball symposium that was spearheaded by Jon Pactor ’71.

And finally last summer, Lifelong Baseball Fan Todd McDorman made his first ever visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and even played in a game of Town Ball!

Whatever your own opinion on the Pete Rose saga, you have to love Wabash’s liberal arts connecting the academic (Rhetoric) and the sport (Baseball)!

Guess Who Is at The Final Four?

Brent Harris - Wabash's SID

Took this photo at the Final Four in Indianapolis last Tuesday night.  That’s Brent Harris, our superb Sports Information Director.

Talk about a sports guy at heart.  18 hours a day at Wabash – and that’s 7 days a week, sports fans.  Works well into the night after we all have gone home.  During football, he adds the Colts to his work list…well…just because.  NCAA Final Four?  Sure, why not.

Brent’s a great guy whose love of all things athletics comes shinning through.  We’re truly blessed he’s a Little Giant.

Wabash Shows Commitment to MXI

At a time when the college will ask the new Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach to take on an additional significant duty in addition to their main position, the college has displayed a strong commitment to the men of the Malcolm X Institute for Black Studies.

The college has announced the new director of the MXIBS will hold a senior college management position as either an Assistant or Associate Dean.  Currently, there are only two individuals at that key management level throughout the entire college.

This move signals the importance of the college’s support for students of color and reinforces the goal of improving student retention, especially among students of color.

Did you know? (Keep these in the back of your mind when talking Wabash with prospective students)
–  Approximately 5% of the student body are members of the MXIBS
–  Approximately 40% of the student body plays intercollegiate sports
–  Approximately 80% of the student body participates in intramural athletics

Reunion – An Unbelievable Time

The 492 Tactical Fighter Squadron "Bolars"

The Grunge is just back from a reunion – I had an unbelievable time.  And I almost didn’t go…

My Alma Mater – The Air Force Fighter Community
My fraternity – The 492 Tactical Fighter Squadron (The BOLARS)
My class – we’ll I don’t have much…

It was a long way…San Antonio, TX.  But friends came from Montana, Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, DC, New Mexico, Tennessee, Washington, Kentucky, and Kansas among others.  And I almost didn’t go…

We told stories, caught up with some after over 20 years, relished what this group did for the United States and for each other, and saluted those still very much in our thoughts who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  The long hours and times away from home in those days melted away.  We were back!

"Hooter" telling a story - "Grunge" is cringing!

Story time was amazing…and scary.  There are a few stories about the Grunge that never need to be told.  A couple were – several were left for another day.  And I almost didn’t go…

So, what does this have to do with Wabash College?

There’s a Big Bash just around the corner.  It might be the 2011 version…it might be 2012 or 2013.  It doesn’t matter – BE THERE! Just like no one talked about rank or bomb scores at our reunion, no one will talk GPA or bucks in the bank at the Bash.  You’ll celebrate your Alma Mater and your class and your fraternity just like we did.

And you won’t have to say…and I didn’t go.