Ben Kitterman '06 On Jimmie Kimmel Live

Aaron Lewis and Ben Kitterman '06

Ben Kitterman took an interesting turn at Wabash when he was a student.  He ended up driving professional musicians around for a living.  Tom Petty was one of those musicians.  In fact, it was a Tom Petty dropoff and an Aaron Lewis pickup that led Ben on a different path.  Aaron, then a heavy metal guy, was making a career move to Country music.  That move ended up a career move for Ben as well.

In true liberal arts fashion, Ben had more to bring to the music table…and he did.  You see, Ben is a really good  dobro player.  So good, in fact, that the other night is was country star Aaron Lewis and Ben sharing the Jimmie Kimmel stage.

The new album by Aaron is #5 on iTunes.  Go check it out.

Meanwhile, here’s the video of Aaron and Ben doing “Country Boy”.

This One's For You, Jay Fisher!

The New Baseball Stadium

The weather and lighting were really horrible when I stopped to take this shot.  I couldn’t get close because of the mud and didn’t want to wait because there  was another 6 inches of snow headed this way.

Those seats glistening in the photo?  They are from American Seating.  The same folks who put seats in the finest ballparks in America.  Jay Fisher ’66 did a lot of work to bring Wabash and American Seating together for this venture – thanks Jay!

We’ll be playing baseball here in less than a month, much less.  Mark your calendars now – March 19, 2011.  Double header with Wilmington.  I can’t wait!

I Learned What Was Important

Scott Himsel '85

For this past February, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Steve Klein was responsible for scheduling guest speakers for the local Kiwanis Club.

Steve asked Scott Himsel, Class of 1985, to bat cleanup for the month and Scott was simply great.  Scott, a first generation college student, talked of the trip from Jasper, Indiana to Wabash College and to the Phi Delt house.  Scott also discussed his journey after Wabash, a journey that has him back at the college as a professor of Political Science.

Scott captured many phrases that outlined his experiences.  “I learned what was important”, “I found Wabash a place that was small enough you couldn’t hide”, and, of course “I owe this place so much”.

Scott also touched upon the relationships he formed along the way with the town and its people.

Home run…