It's the reason…

Gehrig and Madison Smalstig

Scott Smalstig ’88 is running for reelection to the alumni board.  The ballot requires his picture and a short bio.

Scott, a very creative guy, sent in this picture and wondered if the rules for a photo could be  s t r e t c h e d  a little.  “It’s the reason I do what I do for Wabash”, Scott said.

That got me to thinking…

Scott’s “investing in the future” is exactly what we are trying to here with the Challenge of Excellence. Build upon what we have right now, make it better and better, and minimize the economic impacts of the recession for the education we offer.

Be aggressive, because it is what we need to do for our young men.  Someone did it for us…and now it’s our turn.  Who wins?  We all do…these guys…you guys…our world.  A better and stronger Wabash.

Thanks Scott!

As The Wabash World Turns…

Ben Robinson ’01 is a young attorney in the international Law Firm of Jones Day.  Ben’s a member of the Jones Day team in Washington, DC.  Yes, that’s the same Ben Robinson who is affectionately known as “one of the Robinson brothers of Wabash College”.

At Jones Day as well are Scott Medsker ’03 and Greg Castanias ’87.  Greg’s been very good about watching out for Wabash men of promise and getting them to Jones Day.

As it turns out, there was a Robinson-Castanias connection many years ago.  In the photo, highlighted, is a first grader named Greg Castanias.  The teacher, as you can see, was Mrs. Robinson…Terry Robinson…mother of Ben Robinson.

Don’t pay ANY attention to the years on the photo…Greg was in first grade when the Grunge was…

Liberal Arts…Broadcasters!

Derek Rowe and Kyle Grand

Took this shot at the game last night.  That’s the radio broadcast team of Derek Rowe ’13 and Kyle Grand ’11.  You may recognize those names – Derek’s a running back and Kyle is the long snapper for the Little Giants.

In true Wabash fashion, they didn’t disappear after football season and they’re there representing the Wabash student body to the rest of the audience.

OK – It's a Request, Pure and Simple.

Update Me please!

It’s that time of the year.  Santa is making a list and checking it twice. The Smile Train, one of my favorite charities, is trying to reach you.  SO are 40-bazillion others.

We’re mailing the Yearbooks to the Class of 2010 – most of them have moved at least once since last May.  Many of them, unless they update our records, will see their Moms get their yearbook.

Keep in mind your classmates, fraternity brothers, and teammates also want to be in touch at this time of the year.

So, this might be a good time for you, one of the 9 who regularly visit, to make sure Wabash has your correct address, your preferred email address for college communications, and your preferred phone number as well.  Only takes a minute.  Find the card we sent recently about the Bachelor Archives and use that user name and password to log into eServices.  Check and update your information.  If you can’t find the card, email the information to Runge.

You’ll be glad you did.  And we promise NOT to share the information with anyone, even the Smile Train!

Chad Seib '01 – One Busy Guy!

Chad Seib '01 and new bride Sae La Chin

Chad Seib ’01 married Sae La Chin on October 21, 2010 in Hawaii.  Congrats to the young couple and thanks to class agent Davey Neal ’01 for the information.

As it turns out, Sae La and Chad are both performing on Broadway – Chad’s in Mary Poppins and Sae La is in Wonderland, based upon Alice in Wonderland.

But there’s more. These two have also just started new companies – Chad’s started a web design company (, while his wife began her own baby company, SayBayBee (

Now that’s one busy couple!


Wes Smith's expression says it all!


Wabash – 57 and DePauw – 40.  It was a good game.  DePauw closed to within three early in the second half but Wabash pulled away and that was that.

Even Sweeter!

After the student bodies had traded cheers and other “forms of greetings” all night, the DePauw students left as the Wabash students closed in on the Little Giant team.  Our students, of course, sang Old Wabash loud and proud.  But afterward, the chant went up “We Love Wabash”.  It was one of those moments.  Boy, I would have loved to bottle that up.

Wabash Ranked #7

Colleges with the Best Professors

You’ve known this for years because you always mention the faculty at Wabash had such a profound impact on your life.  I hope you’ll find it comforting as well to know that our current faculty is having the exact same impact on the Wabash men of today.  The graphic shows the top 10…

The more some things change, the more they stay the same…and this is a good one!  You can read the article here.

More Living the Mission – David Wagner '76

About 6 years ago, David Wagner ’76 and a few friends were having breakfast.  The conversation, for some reason, turned to the low level of care some injured soldiers returning from combat were receiving.  Two options – “Nice discussion and where’s lunch?” or “Let’s do something about it.”

The gauntlet was thrown on the table.   Several pulled out money and said “Let’s get this started”.

Disabled Patriot Fund

To date, the Disabled Patriot Fund has raised over $1,500,000 and over 90% of that has been used to help veterans.  David Wagner put his money and his efforts to work and he’s a member of the Fund’s Board of Directors.

As a veteran let me say Thanks David!

For more information on this work, click here.