Jim Dyer '83 – Some Little Giant

The Jim Dyer Official Wabash Name Tag

Jim Dyer ’83 and his family moved to St. Louis, from Wisconsin.  Instead of settling in and looking around, Jim jumped into the St. Louis Wabash group full speed ahead. Susan, his lovely bride, is a big help as well.  Despite graduating from the “other school”, she’s been a great source of energy and enthusiasm for all things Wabash.

Susan Dyer at the WABASH Day Effort

Jim and Susan have a son, Rob, who is in the FIJI house as well.

The Wabash Weekend, with tailgate and WABASH Day project, was organized by Jim.  Some Little Giant!

The Senior Bench – These Guys Are Good!

The senior bench this fine fall morning, courtesy of our young men in Unidos Por Sangre.  I was impressed by the bright colors and painting skills – remember, most of the painting is done in the middle of the night!

Check out the closeup…these guys must all be art majors!

And the detail on the back.  200 years!

Finally It's Fall – Not So Fast

Finally, it’s fall.  The leaves have just started to turn in Central Indiana.  Next week the guys will be gone for fall break on Thursday and Friday.  The game this weekend is the halfway point in the football season.


It will be in the 80s this weekend!  The forecast for the football game this weekend is 86 degrees!  After a dip to the mid-30s for a couple of nights we’ll get that Indian summer everyone talks about.

Jim Dimos '83 Elected to National Board

Jim Dimos ’83, class agent and past president of the Wabash alumni board, has been elected to the American Bar Association’s Board of Governors.  This announcement came from the Annual ABA meeting.

Jim will represent District 18.  The Board of Directors is responsible for providing the overall vision and direction of the ABA.

Congrats Jim, well done!

Thanks to Greg Castanias ’87 for the news tip!

Grunge/GaBunge At Hokies Vs. Terps

Hokies vs. Terps

OK…I didn’t go to Kenyon….   I had the opportunity to watch three major sporting events in the space of four hours and just couldn’t pass it up.  The first game was the Hokies vs. the Terps and it ended up with the Hokies scoring late in the game to claim a 7-0 victory.  The other two sporting events were a couple of soccer matches.

In the photo, Coley Runge (age 11), starting right tackle for the Hokies, seals off the BIG defensive end for the Terps allowing a nice gain.

In the other matches, Owen Runge (age eight) did a great job of playing mid-fielder in a tough loss and Max (age five today!!!)  scored a couple of goals in a kind-of-win (no scores are kept!)

A great weekend for GaBunge…now back to Grunge!

Michigan Governor Appoints Sexton to Post

Roy Sexton '95

Roy Sexton, Class of 1995, has been appointed by the Michigan Governor Jennifer Grandholm to the Council for Labor and Economic Growth to represent business interests.

This appoint comes at a critical time as Michigan faces high unemployment rates and a struggling economy.

For the complete story, click here.