HDNet – Three More Years

Thanks to the hard work of our Jim Amidon ’87 and his team, and Ken Owen and his team at DePauw, we’ll have the Monon Bell game telecast in HD by HDNet for three more years.

I’ve been at the actual game for the last several years but have grabbed some popcorn and spent the time to watch the telecast after the fact (it’s much easier when you know the outcome!)

HDNet does a great job – period!  They are a talented team and they probably could make a lot more $$$ that weekend but they have stuck with us.

Thanks Jim…thanks Ken…thanks HDNet!

For the full story, click here

Tom Hiatt '70 – Bringing the Grameen Bank to Indy

The Grameen Bank, based in Bangladesh, is the Nobel Peace Prize-winning financial institution that developed the concept of micro-loans to people who don’t have the financial resources to put good business ideas into practice.

The concept has worked well beyond anyone’s initial thoughts, I would guess.

Tom Hiatt, Class of 1970, is one of the leaders of an effort to open the third US-based branch of the bank right here in Indianapolis.  As is often the case, Tom mentioned to fellow leader Brian Payne that an old friend had joined the Grameen America board as Chairman.  One thing led to another…

For more information on the Grameen Bank, click here.

Tom Hiatt – another example of the Wabash mission statement in action. 

Tom Fisher '91 – Indiana Supreme Court Semi-finalist

Tom Fisher ’91, who currently serves as the Solicitor General for the State of Indiana, is one of the nine semi-finalists for a position on the Indiana Supreme Court.

The semi-finalist list is an All Star group.  I should point out that Tom is the youngest on the list by several years.  Fisher, you might recall, has had a superstar career in the law, including experience arguing a case before the US Supreme Court.

For the complete story form the Indianapolis Star, click here.

Congrats, Tom, and good luck!

Jared Stark – Wabash College at Work

Jared Stark, Class of 1995, was recently featured in the Indianapolis Star.  He’s now the Executive Director of the St. Francis Hospital-Moorseville. His story is a great one as it encapsulates the Wabash experience in a nutshell. For the story, click here.

The Liberal Arts Education.   Jared was a history major at Wabash.  His first job was in the book publishing business with RR Donnelley.  But he was ready for anything.

Along came this Wabash alumnus. Dave Callecod ’89 helped Jared gets his start in healthcare management and is still a mentor to Jared today.

It Won’t Be Easy, It Will Be Worth It.  Jared’s hard work, vision, and leadership were the skills which set him apart from the rest of the pack. From the first job in the publishing business to where he is today, Jared has proven his worth…and his potential.

Man I love these kinds of stories – difference makers in action. 

Huge Loss – David Timmerman

"Huge Loss" is how one of Wabash’s emeritus legends described to me David Timmerman’s departure to become Dean of the Faculty at Monmouth College.  Monmouth’s president, Wabash alumnus and former Dean of the Wabash Faculty, Mauri Ditzler ’75, would probably say "Huge gain" for Monmouth.

Both are true.

Mauri has been quite a change agent at Monmouth and I sense the addition of David Timmerman is just another step in what they describe as their "upward trajectory".

David’s fingerprints are all over a host of good things happening at Wabash.  We wish David and Polly the absolute best and take pride in the fact that Monmouth’s search came again to Wabash College.

And we’ll set about finding the next great member of the Wabash Speech/Rhetoric faculty to join the ranks of Brigance, Powell, O’Rourke…and Timmerman.  "It won’t be easy but it will be worth it".