Runge Out – The REAL Grunge and GaBunge IN

I know…it’s a winter shot and it’s April.  That’s Garden of the Gods in the foreground and Pikes Peak in the distance.  However, there were reports of snow in Chicago yesterday and this morning in beautiful Lafayette it’s 31 degrees!

Runge will be out next week.  He’ll make the transition to GaBunge on Saturday in the Springs.  On Tuesday, he’ll revert to the real Grunge as he and CINCGrunge (Carol) attend a reunion of 48th Tactical Fighter Wing F-111 drivers in…Vegas.  Jim Roper ’68 is planning to be there…300 folks in all. 

It will be great to see our friends, let the political correctness guard down just a little, and just have fun. Its been way too long.  Unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse in the Springs or in some "operation" out near Nellis AFB, NV, we’ll be back in a week.  In other words, see you next week!

I’ll try to get some photos from Colorado…and of Vegas.


Sun King Brewery Powers State's Economic Upswing

OK…that headline might be a little misleading…but it’s all for a good cause.

Sun King Brewery, the Indy brewery owned in part by Omar Robinson ’60 and his son Clay ’97, has recently installed a canning line due to the significantly increased demand for their particular brand of TWR.  That’s Clay in the photo helping the cans along.

Note:  Omar and Clay will be here at the Big Bash presenting on Sun King.  For the complete Big Bash schedule, click here

For the complete story, click here

Thanks to Marilyn Smith for the tip.

Jeremy Bird '00 – Leader and Change Agent!

This photo of Jeremy Bird ’00 recently appeared in a major US newspaper – he’s pondering the challenges of the upcoming mid-term elections.

I remember talking to him several years ago, when he was with Wake-up Walmart, and he hinted he would probably find himself with some role in the then-upcoming elections.

"Some role" I guess.  Today Jeremy finds himself as President Obama’s deputy director of Organizing for America, a effort which is credited with helping to garner support for the recentl-passed healthcare bill.

Regardless of one’s politics, one just has to be proud of Jeremy and all his hard work.  Jeremy Bird – a difference maker. 


Engledow Group Expanding

The Engledow Group, one of Indiana’s largest landscaping companies, has acquired a former competitor, Litchfield Landscape Company, according to a recent report.

Jim Engledow, Wabash Class of 1978 and president of The Engledow Group, said the acquisition will give the Group even more capability in their rapidly growing estates division.  Jim points out that the Litchfield team brings talent and experience to the operation.

Sounds win-win to me.

For the complete story, click here.  Thanks to Jim Amidon for the tip!


John Birdzell '61 – BIG Baseball Fan

John Birdzell ’61 put together a great display of baseball memorabilia for the recent Liberal Arts Symposium on Baseball.  John’s a baseball fan of the highest magnitude… 

Here’s a close up of one of the display’s – this one goes back a while.  It’s a catcher’s mask from back in thew 1920s.  They certainly don’t make them like that anymore – thankfully.








John, a Cubs fan, had a ball at the Symposium and everyone certainly enjoyed John ‘s displays.  










The View From Home Plate – The NEW Home Plate

That’s the view from the new home plate.  Looking Northeast towards the outdoor tennis center.  West side of the Knowling Fieldhouse on the right. 

As you can see, some trees already have been removed.  It won’t be long now until construction begins in earnest.  While Mud Hollow holds a lot of fond memories for us, it doesn’t help recruit young men who want a liberal arts education AND want to play baseball…or soccer for that matter.  

OK…I know…include a Mud Hollow shot…for old time’s sake.