Wabash Always Gives…Back

Yesterday we celebrated "Wabash Always Gives…Back" Day.  What does it mean?

To our students, it means up until this date (from July 1, 2009 until October 8, 2009) they and their families have paid to operate Wabash College.  From this point on, the entire operation of the college for the year will be paid for by the combined generosity of the larger Wabash family.  That’s right – the entire cost.  Said another way, 75% of the cost to run this college come from sources other than the students and their families.  Today’s current crop of students benefit…just like we did when we were here.

But with that gift comes a responsibility.  For Wabash to remain strong these young men will need to step up and provide the same support for the generations to follow.  To make that case, Trustee Ted Grossnickle ’73 explained to them in a Chapel talk this bit of history.  Ted also explored the various reasons people make gifts to organizations.  His Chapel talk was short and right to the point.

As a wrap up, the Wabash LEAD (Linking Education and Alumni Development) committee, led by chairman Mike Warren ’93, asked the students to sign a "Thank You" card.  The student received ice cream, a "Wabash Always Gives…Back" boomerang, and a handout highlighting the support the college gets from it alumni and friends.  

Top- One of the first students to sign the card, with boomerang in hand.
Right – Trustee Ted Grossnickle makes a point in Chapel 

For a few more photos, click here.

Social Media…It's Here!

OK…let’s be right up front.  

I just bought the book "Facebook – the missing manual"  and I am bound and determined to read it…at some point!

I have a Facebook account – get funny notes from Wabash alums when I post to my flying friends and get !@#$% notes suggesting I need a life from the fliers when the post changes to other subjects.

I Twitter or tweet…but not often or good enough.

I get Linkedin…sometimes.

I might even have a few photos on my Flickr account.  But I don’t recall.

I have a couple of videos on You Tube…but they tell me my face is better suited for radio.

So, the Social Media move hasn’t passed me by…it just didn’t stop at my front door for very long.  But the true beauty of it all – you get the info you want when you want it – and it doesn’t cost a thing.

For example – you can get scoring updates from our SID superstar Brent Harris from far away places like Allegheny…just follow him on Twitter.

You can get the news we post for alumni on Linkedin (right now it’s about Bell game tickets) or you can get career services information as well.

So, just tune your favorite internet browser to our web page and decide for yourself what you are interested in trying.  We offer a money back guarantee!

The footnote: we’re all relatively new to this and trying to catch up with our students! (Don’t laugh – it’s true!)  So, we’re bound to make a few mistakes as we grow into this social media thing.  Grow with us – remember it’s free.

Meghan Potee – State Champ!

Meghan Potee, a senior at Noblesville HS, is a state champion!  Meghan’s proud father is Dr. Chris Potee, Class of 1986.

Here’s part of the report: "Potee’s patience and ability to play within herself led to a second round score of 71, giving her a combined score of 147, good enough to crown her the 2009 IHSAA Individual Champion. The Noblesville Senior became the first athlete from her school to win the individual championship in either the boys or girls competition."

To see the highlights of one of her shots, click here

Congrats to Meghan and Chris!

Trudy Johnson IS A Winner

Trudy Johnson correctly identified the "socks owner" as Jon Pactor (right), Class of 1971.  She also noted that Jon’s unique approach to wearing the socks allowed the logo to be low enough to be read beneath the cuff of any dress slacks.  Now that’s thinking!

Congrats Trudy!  She may have had a little bit of an unfair advantage – Trudy is married to Brad Johnson ’71, one of Jon’s fraternity brothers.


Alumni Board Embraces the Strategic Plan

The Alumni Board, at their Homecoming meeting, invited President White and his senior management team to their board meeting to outline the board’s initiatives for the next two years.  Every initiative is grounded in the college’s strategic plan.  

The board sees it’s major areas of concentration as supporting the college’s admissions efforts, helping the growth of the college’s regional associations, and supporting the Wabash community and it’s services to faculty and students.  The central focus is to make every effort to engage more Wabash alumni in the life of the college.  President White and his staff embraced the board’s vision and welcomed their involvement.

In the photo, Greg Jania ’93, chairman of the board’s Wabash Community committee, outlines the way forward for their part of the charter. 

Going…But Never Forgotten

Took this photo this morning…work had just started for the day.  The old Phi Gam house is yielding its turf.

My uncle, Tom Mason ’47, was a Phi Gam…and I think my great uncle, Ben Myers ’16, was as well.  My Uncle Tom wanted my son to join – he looked, but found a home elsewhere.  

But the real story is the impact of the Phi Gam fraternity, like all of our fraternities, down through the decades.

We’re sorry to see the house go.  How many guys can look back and smile at their FIJI Island or a Homecoming float mysteriously set ablaze?

The great thing about Wabash is that the structures may come and go, but the memories and the life-long impacts live on and on.  A lot of those memories just moved ever so slightly south on Grant Ave. There’s new history being made right there…