Another Award for Eric Rowland '86

Eric Rowland ’86 of Rowland Design, Inc., was awarded a Silver Medal in the September issue of Indianapolis Monthly.  The magazine featured a special supplement of the Indianapolis 2009 Design Awards.

The magazine described Eric’s work as a "dramatic yet tranquil bathroom of stone and glass".  

Many will remember Eric is also the chief architect of the Beta House renovation and of Trippet Hall.

Congrats Eric!

Thanks to Nancy Doemel for catching the piece in the Magazine.

College Day at the NCAA

That’s Terrie Hall last Friday – she’s at the NCAA in Indianapolis.  Friday was College Day and she proudly wore a Wabash sweatshirt.  Terrie’s son, Alex, is a member of the Class of 2012.

Are we ready for some Little Giant football or what!

Coach Stan Parrish – Fond Memories of Wabash

The, the on-line voice of the Indianapolis Star, yesterday ran a piece on Ball State’s head football coach Stan Parrish covering this last stage of a long and illustrious football career.  Stan led the Cardinals onto the field last night  as Ball State began their 2009 campaign.

Coach Parrish has a special place in his heart for Wabash, that’s pretty easy to see.  In the article, the reports writes: "The place (Wabash) was marvelously special to him.   Parrish says ‘in my next life’ he may stay there forever."

42-3-1.  No more than 1 loss in any season.  Two years without a loss.  Special isn’t a good enough word!

Leaving Wabash, Parrish recalls: "I drove away in tears,".

For the complete article, click here.

Chapel Talks – Now On You Tube

Just walked back from our initial Chapel Talk of the year – President White did the speaking.  

The temperature is about  72 degrees, the sun is shining bright, and there aren’t any late papers thus far (at this early stage in the semester.)  A great day to just ponder the meaning of it all (what a great day to fly!)

I thought about the messages President White shared today and then about how they certainly aren’t limited to the student body at hand.  What if we could easily share those…and more…with the entire Wabash community.

That’s when Howard Hewitt and Jim Amidon of our superstar PA staff said: "No problem – we can already do that and easily as well."

Sure enough – it’s easy.  Just go to the home page  and click on the icon you see here on the lower left of your computer screen.  You’ll be taken to our site full of campus videos – in You Tube. From there, you can select from a group of playlists, in this case Chapel Talks, and you’re immediately presented with a host of them.  Just click on the one you want and it’s like you are a rhynie sitting in the balcony all over again.

Cool. Thanks Howard.  Thanks Jim.  Wonder who takes attendance at home?



A Different Bachelor Party

Our Colorado reporter, Greg Birk ’77 (who lives in Texas by the way!) reported recently on a different kind of Bachelor Party.  Jason Brandt ’98 (second from right) was married on August 1, 2009 in Manitou Springs, CO.  (Think base of Pikes Peak.)

Jason’s "party" was a hike up Mount Antero (over 14,000′).  14 guys started the trek – 7 made it, including ALL of the Wabash guys.  In the picture, from right to left – Roger Busch ’96, Scott Gall ’96, Jason and Greg Birk.  Greg reported that Greg Augsperger ’00 was also in the  wedding. 

Thanks Greg….but…I think I should make the trip out there anytime something is happening…

Community Fair – Evan Todd And Free Money Big Hits!

The Evan Todd Aveda Salon in West Lafayette was one of the more than 80 local organizations represented at the Community Fair sponsored by the Wabash Career Services Team.  The Fair appeared to be a big hit.

Wally was there as you can see and he took a little time off from his duties to get a chair massage from one of the Evan Todd team members. For the entire time I was at the Fair, there was a line of young men waiting to take their turn.

You’ll note that this gentlemen returned the favor, giving the young lady her own hand massage.  I’ll bet that after a couple of hours of giving the massages she appreciated the return favor.


Another cool booth was the "Free Money" booth, sponsored by Old National Bank.  Our guys were able to keep everything they could catch in 16 seconds.  Kessler Armbruster, a freshman football player from California, hung onto almost $70 on this effort.  The only catch?  That money went into a bank account at Old National.  Still a neat deal…

 For more on Evan Todd, see their web site at:

For more on Old National Bank, see their web site at


The Rest of the Story

I posted a photo of President White and Dean Klein running together but inadvertently left off another runner in that group.  Taking the inside corner as they rounded the bend was Stuart White.  The name may be very familiar because Stuart is the father of sophomore running sensation Donavon White.

You’ll recall from the story that Donovan finished second overall, ahead of his Coach and Hall of Famer Roger Busch ’96.  (Don’t tell Coach I said that or I’ll be running laps for all eternity!) 

Smokin' Pat White – Alumni Cross Country Run

It was early in the race…about the 1/4 point when I took this shot of President Pat White running with Dean of Admissions Steve Klein.

The word on the street is that Pat "smoked" Steve.  I have no idea of if that is really the case…but if you looked closely at the picture, there’s a big hint.  OK…maybe a tiny hint, but a hint, nonetheless.

Look at their watches (I know, only a fighter pilot cares about the size of your watch!)  Pat’s wearing a runner’s watch…or what looks like a runner’s watch.  Steve’s sporting the Dean’s watch.  Hint…

Pat was, in fact, pleased at his time which put him in at a very respectable finish.  But the real victory is in competing.  Heck, I might even run next year!  I’ll wear my Ironman Timex, I promise.

Hopefully someone else will be blogging by that point!