Scratchin' My Head

Took this yesterday.  Senior bench.

Three thoughts (I know, a liberal arts guy should have about 10).

1.  The bench was somewhere in the "painting cycle" when the effort was washed away, so to speak, by one of the many storms we had in April.  The results?  A composite of the last 50 paintings of the bench.

2.  The Campus Services team is halfway through preparing the bench for next year’s painting challenges.

3.  Modern art painted in the dead of night by our art-major seniors.  Note the feet of the animals have a definite pattern.

Better check with Mark Turpin ”09, one of those art majors I know, to see what the straight skinny is before I complete this blog…

Classes Over – Finals Then…

Classes finished last Friday.  Finals this week including my favorite part, midnight munch, which is tomorrow evening.  (I was never really a fan of any tests here.)

To the seniors, it’s finals, then a week off to think about it, then Commencement weekend.  It’s that week before Commencement, "dead week" many call it, that it finally begins to sink in. They are done as students at Wabash.  Next fall, it won’t be the ritual of Back to Wabash.  It will be just another week at work (where did summer vacation go?), starting grad school, law school, med school, Teach for America, or one of a hundred new and different challenges.

Oh, the Class of 2009 will return often to campus…at least I certainly hope so.  But their place here will be taken by another class of bright and talented men. The 2009 class will find themselves on the other side of the student-alumnus line in the sand.  It’s another one of those one-way doors you can’t wait to get to but you pause as you go through.

It’s not bad but it is different. 

All of us wish them nothing but the very best.  Now – go out there and change the world!

Here Before You Know It – Don't Be Left Out

May 23, 2009.  That’s the registration deadline for this spring’s Big Bash.  We have 23 days to go from 110 registered to 350.  

Ten registrations a day.

We can handle it…but we can’t get you registered if we don’t know you will be attending.

1.  Drop what you’re doing and get yourself registered.  You can do that right here.

2.  Get a room in C’ville.  You can get the contact information right here.

3.  Pick up the phone and call two classmates.  Twist their arms.  Threaten them with H1N1 if they don’t show.

Hope to see you in a little over a month at the 2009 Big Bash.

"From the hills of Maine to…"