Steve Miller '64 – Award Winner

Steve Miller ’64, who now resides in Greece, won an Alumni Award of Merit this past year for his exceptional career. Steve wasn’t able to join us at Homecoming so we mailed the certificate to him. †He sent us this picture , with the certificate proudly hanging at his residence, “Sto Stephani” in Nemea Greece.

Steve writes: “I was especially touched by the…text on the Alumni Award of Merit (ed: written by Jim Amidon ’87). The reference to Jack Charles and Ted Bedrick was very much to the point. In the back of my mind…has been the hope that I might make them feel their investment in me was worth it. I have the same feeling about my Alma Mater…”

Talk about a world-changing guy who traces his success back to Wabash. Steve Miller – Some Little Giant.

Please Vote

I voted at 0618 this morning.  Wanted to beat the rush.  Only stood in line for about 25 minutes.

My vote was important. So is yours. You may “believe in Change” or you may be putting your “Country first” – which one it is is very important to you.  Our Country is about to elect the next Commander in Chief – defender of the free world. Make sure you voice your opinion…today!



The REAL Power at Wabash

So, I guess, you can say you saw it here first. You now have seen the REAL lineup of the power brokers at Wabash.

The real top three at Wabash (l to r):
Sherry Ross, senior administrative assistant to the Dean of Students
Carolyn Goff, senior administrative assistant to the President
Chris Duff, senior administrative assistant to the Dean of the College

They are all young ladies so I am not sure where the “senior” comes from in their titles.†

To be serious for just a second, these three do a great job of taking care of their bosses and keeping the college running in tip=top shape. Sherry, Carolyn, and Chris are, in every sense, Some Little Giants!