It Never Ceases To Make Me Smile

There are a thousand different ways to look at and analyze Chapel Sing. I am deciding on this day to take a singular look and I think, by and large, it’s the right one.

Wabash boys yesterday…Wabash men today.

Why else would alumni return, retired faculty turn out, and parents show up…with video cameras? They know, or at least feel, that today marks an important transition in these young men’s lives.

They are not high school senior-studs any more and they have cleared a major hurdle on the road to removing the “new guy” sign. They are Wabash men. Newly minted Wabash men but still Wabash men.

Grounded in Beauty – James Urbaski '82

(From our good friend and talented editor of the Wabash Magazine, Steve Charles.)

Grounded in Beauty

“Tranquility and subtlety are the hallmarks of the landscape paintings of James Urbaska” reads the online catalogue of this Wabash alumnus’s latest exhibit at the Gallery Northstar in Grafton, VT. The show runs from September 27 to October 31.

As Susan Cantrell wrote in Wabash Magazine of this Class of ’82 graduate, “The natural landscape inspires and anchors the art of James Urbaska.” And that inspiration has never been more powerful than in these latest works.

Take a look at the paintings in the show here.†

Read Susan Cantrell’s piece on Urbaska and his work here.†

I think you’ll enjoy the beauty of James’s art, and of Susan’s words.


General Lew Wallace Study and Museum Wins National Award

“First Lady Laura Bush will award the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum the 2008 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor for museums and libraries, at a White House ceremony on October 7.

Each year, the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), in coordination with the White House, presents the National Medal to five museums and five libraries that have helped make their communities better places to live. Each winning institution also receives a $10,000 award.”

Congratulations to the Crawfordsville Community and to the entire staff of the Lew Wallace Study – Well Done!

Information from the press release.