How The Times Have Changed!

The fall of 2005…this FIJI pledge class is about to make the transition to Wabash Men. The cornerstone event? Chapel Sing.

In a little over a month, they’ll return to campus…as the FIJI senior class. Probably won’t even recognize themselves in this photo 🙂

IT will be THEIR fraternity house. They’ll set the standard. They’ll watch the newest FIJI class, in the only/new fraternity house they’ll know, make that same transition.

Those seniors will have an impact far beyond their wildest dreams…and they’ll never admit they were quite this young…

Kappa Sig – Where Are You?

While I was out of town, the old Kappa Sig house left as well. The new Kappa Sig house will no doubt be a great addition to that area – and will finish, for now, our fraternity renovations. Some will, no doubt, miss the old house.

The painted sidewalk now leads to…

More Colorado Wabash Connections

This report (July 11th) in from Greg Birk ’77 who is vacationing in Colorado:

“Carroll and I dined with Tim ’76 and Ann Gagen last evening. We enjoyed swapping stories about life in the Beta House in the mid 70’s. As you know Tim is the Town Manager for Breckenridge. As someone who has lived in or visited Breckenridge for the past 30 years I can tell you Tim is doing a great job of managing this beautiful and booming mountain resort town. Of course his incredibly demanding job does not keep him from enjoying a challenging mountain bike ride almost daily.

Jason Brandt ’98 and I (below) ran a couple of trail races over the weekend as well. The second picture is post race from the Breckenridge 4th of July race.”

Top photo: Greg, Carroll, Ann, and Tim.

Below: Jason and Greg.

Back Home Again in Indiana (!?*&%#)

So, the grunge is back home again in Indiana. Vacation over. Grandkids back home with their parents, no mountains to look at or sounds of the fresh water streams to keep you up at night. No frantic mornings with 6 adults and 6 children trying to pack up and go…anywhere.

Fireworks and Rocky Mountain National Park beginning to fade into memory…

Back to air conditioning…not needed in Colorado because of the cool nights and low humidity. AC needed here, of course…

Can’t wait to jump right in to work!

To you seven faithful readers, news on Wabash begins Tuesday…

View From The Cabin

That’s the cabin on the left and the view…of Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful.

We saw guys and ladies biking, as in peddling, UPHILL at 12,000 ft. Thought of Greg Birk ’77 – he comes out here every year and does that. I’m breathing hard walking up the cabins stairs!

Grunge Out – GaBunge In

Somewhere between Crawfordsville and the Colorado State border, I’m confident I’ll make the transition from “Grunge” to “GaBunge”. In fact, count on it. There are six grandkids to spoil and only so much time.

Coley, Owen, Karston, Madelynn, Max, and JT – I have been working out a little extra…I’m up for the task!

If I’m not back on July 14th…I’ve been kidnapped and forced to stay longer!!!

I’ll try to post a shot or two…we’re headed for the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Springs, and points in between. †Chris (Wabash ’94) and I are camera-ready!