Big Bash – Thanks!

Well, we’re in the final throws of the Big Bash work up…this time next week it will all be over…

There hasn’t been a lot of time to be out and about on campus…we’ve been pretty busy doing all the “admin things” to get ready.

It seems to me, as the Fifth Big Bash approaches, that I need to take the lead and say thanks to a number of folks:

Mike Warren, Michele Tatar, and Heather Bazzani in the Alumni and Parent Relations office. Without their vision, planning and plain hard work the Big Bash wouldn’t be…

Mary Jo Arthur and her Bon Appetit team who do a great job of preparing and serving all the meals, especially on Saturday night when we’ll have over 600 guests and 11 different dinners…all at the same time.

Dave Morgan and his Campus Services team for all they do to make the weekend go so well. If it weren’t for their skill and dedication it simply wouldn’t happen.

Jim Amidon, Steve Charles, Howard Hewitt, Brent Harris, Kim Johnson, and Karen Handley in Public Affairs. They’ll document the Big Bash on the web in virtually real time and their piece in the magazine will be first rate. It always is.

The Wabash campus community. The Bash, from Colloquium sessions to water bottles, is an entire team effort and you’ll see folks from the Business Office, Advancement, Admissions, Student Services, the Library, IT…well it takes the entire campus to make it work.

Thanks to all of them. Their real reward is the smiles on the faces of our alumni and their families when they return to campus and have a good time.

Another Edition of It's a Small Wabash World

This from Scott Medsker ’03 – Class Agent we’ll see at the Big Bash this weekend…

“If you look at the registration page (Big Bash) on the web page, right above my name are Rex and Dick McKeever, who are coming back for their 50th. If you don’t know them (and I didn’t before this) both are ortho surgeons, as was their father, who lived in Houston, and as was my maternal grandfather, who lived in Sullivan. Apparently their father and my grandfather were best of friends. My mom recalls being really young (as she tells it, I think she would’ve been 14ish) and the McKeever twins staying the night in Sullivan on their way to Crawfordsville to either visit or start at Wabash. I remember growing up with a swimming pool that had the oddest screened in ceiling to keep leaves out — apparently the design came from the McKrever’s home, where they grew up (long ago) in Houston….

My Mom has talked with Rex in the last few weeks and we look forward to meeting up next week.”