Ashraf Haidari '01 Presents Lecture – AND AN UPDATE

Ashraf just sent this in – a link to a timely piece.  Click here.


Ashraf Haidari, Class of 2001, recently gave a lecture at a week-long program given by the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism. Ashraf’s focus was on Canada’s role in Afghanistan. He sees the Canadian role as shifting from peace keeping to peace building. Ashraf urged the Canadian government to continue their efforts in his homeland and not to withdraw at this critical point in the nation’s history.

Ashraf’s current position is Counselor for Political, Security, and Development Affairs at the Washington, DC Embassy. For more information on Ashraf, click here.

You can read the entire story on the lecture here.

Many thanks to Wabash professor Melissa Butler for the information on the lecture!

Greg Castanias '87 Publishes New Book

Greg Castanias ’87, a member of the Wabash Alumni Board, recently published a new law book Castanias & Klonoff’s Federal Appellate Practice and Procedure in a Nutshell. The book has been described as practitioner’s gold mine by a fellow attorney.

Greg is a partner with international law firm Jones Day in Washington, DC, where he specializes in Issues and Appeals. Greg has experience at all levels, including the United States Supreme Court.

Greg’s co-author, Bob Klonoff, is the Dean of the Lewis & Clark School of Law in Portland, Oregon. Klonoff previously served as a partner with Jones Day.

Congratulations Greg!

Photo: Greg Castanias at a recent Wabash alumni board meeting.

Alan Ganz '54 – Career In the Law

I met Alan Ganz ’54 at the Chicago dinner last night. Alan was a bit of a surprise – he wasn’t on the list of possible attendees.

We had a great chat over dinner. Alan attended Wabash, graduating in 1954 and, after a stint in the Army, graduated from Harvard Law School.  

Alan’s career in the law has been fascinating. He’s a believer in our recent efforts to provide the LSAT Preparation Bootcamp to our our guys interested in law school. 

I’m hoping I can get Alan to return for his 55th reunion next year and tell his stories…

Peck Awards Dinner – Golden Opportunity

Last Friday the campus hosted the Annual Peck Awards Dinner. This year’s senior Peck Award winner is the noted teacher and author, Stephen Carter. You can read more about the evening here.

It was a great evening. Carter was superb, in every respect, with a message tailored to the Wabash campus…for sure. †Our award winners were also great young men. As many of the practicing attorneys stated, they were glad they aren’t competing with these young men for law school admission.

I came away equally impressed by the opportunities our young men had to sit down and engage several different attorneys about the practice of the law. They could ask the 23 questions that they won’t ask of anyone else at the dinner. The students had a chance to sample, if you will, several aspects of the law through the eyes of people practicing it every single day. In the photo, Brad Johnson ’71, an attorney from the Indianapolis area, chats with Joshua Lopez ’10. Priceless.