Midnight Munch – A Wabash Tradition

Last night the weather was nasty – cold, non-stop rain – a sinus infection kind of night. One of those evenings where a good book or movie and a fireplace combine for the perfect, restful evening. In the words of Lee Corso: “Not so fast, my friends!”

Instead, several faculty and staff members ventured out to feed well over 300 Wabash students, and a small number of their friends, the now classic Midnight Munch. There was Pat White serving the instantly-famous Presidential Pancakes. Gary and Alice Phillips making sure everyone had enough to eat. Lon Porter and his wife Maureen McColgin, Melissa Butler, organizer Mike Raters, Brent Harris, Coach Roberto Giannini, Rob Johnson, Tom Bambrey, Beth Swift, Steve Klein, Larry Griffith, Chad Westphal, Scott Crawford, Betsy Knott…and many, many more.

When “The Wave” started at a little after midnight I knew everyone was having a ball!

It’s one of those evening where you walk out to your car with a big grin on your face…it’s Wabash, it’s special, it’s for our students…and it’s the kind of event where that professor, who has been hard on you all semester, looks you straight on the eye and wishes you the best on tomorrow’s final. †All while putting a load of free pancakes on your plate.

I love this place!

For more photos, including the President at work, click here.

Photo: The main food line – we had three of them going!

Reporting from Chicago

In Chicago for a conference and the annual Chicago Network Holiday Luncheon tomorrow. Interesting session yesterday on how young alumni have different expectations from our office and our regional networks than older alumni. We hope to put that new information to work in the future.

Took the photo last night – it was cold and icy!

Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor Day. Take just a moment to think of the sacrifices of your fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc. In 1941 they were probably thinking about the Holiday Season-presents to buy, family to visit…when in a single day things really changed.

Over 1,300 WWII vets pass away every single day. Don’t wait to tell one or more of them thanks. You can argue about whether they are the greatest generation, but you can’t argue about the freedom we enjoy because of their sacrifice.

Major General Earl Johnson, USAF and Wabash Class of 1938, was one of those guys. I tip my hat and offer a salute to you my friend!

Photo: The US flag flies over Wabash.

Wabash Friendships Last a Lifetime

That’s Steve Riggs ’81 and Hidenori Arai ’82 having lunch in early November. Hidenori was on a layover for an international flight – Steve was only an hour away. For them, it was natural to get together.

Steve and Hidenori have stayed in touch since the late 1970s when Hidenori spent a year at Wabash, including pledging the Phi Psi fraternity. In those days he was a college exchange student, making the trip from his native Japan to this little town in Indiana. Wabash has stayed in his blood for the past 25-plus years and so has the friendship with Steve.

It’s a small, Little Giant world!

Wabash Always Fights!

I have had a couple of days to thaw out and reflect. Of course, it’s my nature to not want to lose at anything to anybody.  But I recognize that we faced an big challenge at Whitewater and that it would take a perfect game from the Little Giants AND some mistakes by the Warhawks.  None of that happened.

However, once again the Wabash family turned out in force, supported the team to the fullest, and drew great reviews from the opponents. The Whitewater fans couldn’t believe we beat them to the prime tailgate spots and they said that the Wabash fans were the loudest visitors they had seen. Of course, we heard exactly the same thing at Mt. Union a few years ago. Wabash Always Fights.

From the Grunge to all you Wabash crazies...THANKS! You cheered and froze and cheered and shivered and cheered…and you never gave up.  Then, you drove 8…9..10…hours to get home (some slept in cars), but all I heard is “wait until next year – we’ll get ’em!”


Jay Church '92 Installed as Deputy Attorney General

That’s Jay Church ’92 flanked by his mother and Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter just moments after being sworn in as an Indiana Deputy Attorney General. Jay will serve as Deputy Attorney General in the Transportation Practice Group.†

Attorney General Carter elected to have the swearing in ceremony at Trippet Hall on the College campus.

Ian McLean, son of Wabash Legend Ed McLean, was also sworn in as a Deputy Attorney General – Ian will work in Criminal Appeals.

Congrats to Jay and Ian!

Photo at right – new Indiana Deputy Attorney General Ian McLean.

Wabash Wins…ah…the tailgate!

The football game was over in a couple of minutes…but so was the tailgate competition. Wabash fans were there in force. As one UWW fan told me: “The first time, EVER, I have arrived at the stadium and had a big crowd from the visiting team already going full blast!”

Many thanks go out to Tom and Geri Whowell. Tom is a member of the Class of 1962 and he brought a pro level tailgate operation. Tom and Geri worked non-stop for three hours feeding Wabash alumni, family, and friends. THANKS!

Thanks as well to Bill Olsen ’70 as well. Bill rolled in along side Tom and opened his beautiful RV (43 feet long!) to all the Wabash faithful. THANKS!

For more photos, click here.