Regardless of your politics, you have to like the bike

I am not quite sure why I am just getting around to showing you this picture…

Indiana governor Mitch Daniels showed up at the Friday luncheon at this year’s Big Bash and spent time talking to several people at the luncheon. He arrived in a motorcade, to be sure. But it was a motorcycle-cade and this was his “limo”. A Harley. An Indiana Harley, as you can tell. Business suit? Yep – blue jeans and a Harley Davidson black t-shirt. †That’s a Harley “business suit”. Little known fact? Jon Pactor ’71 and Mitch were high school classmates.

After 26 years of flying fighters, I should own a Harley. But I don’t. Carol put her foot down on that one telling me I got to be a big kid for all those years and it’s time I led a tamer existence. But if Mitch can…

Regardless of the politics involved, I think it’s cool. Just me…

Say, Carol…if I get one with a little motor and training wheels…

Meet Coach Rogers and Coach Crawford

The honorary coaches for the Homecoming game were Coach Jill Rogers, Pre-Health Professions Advisor, and Coach Scott Crawford, the director of the Schroeder Center for Career Development.

Obviously, with an outcome of 54-20, they did a tremendous job of coaching the offense and the defense.

The entire team at the Schroeder Center has made a tremendous difference and it was especially nice to see Coach Creighton acknowledge the work of Jill and Scott.

Betas At The Grand Canyon

In the photo:  Andy Burgess ’90, dudley Burgess ’64, Mike Fortier ’67, Matt Burgess ’92

This report in from Dudley Burgess ’64

“I do a bi-annual hike at the Grand Canyon. This year my sons, Andy ’90 and Matt ’92, were with me for a rim to rim hike. As we gathered at the North Rim, we ran into Mike Fortier ’67 who was there on vacation photographing the canyon. I’ve attached a couple of pictures.
I do this hike to stay in shape. Each year I guide different parties to the bottom of the canyon and out. I had 17 participants this year, including all of my sons and their wives. Judy was in the support crew that drove all our supplies from the North Rim To the South Rim. Only problem we had was they ran out of TWR before we got to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon. Fortunately, the mules brought in a fresh supply the next day.”

Photo: Mike Fortier ’67 sporting Wabash wear!

Hey, This Is Cool!

This is a screen shot from our web site – If you select “Monon Bell Telecasts”, you are taken to a Google Map that shows all of the telecast sites that have been finalized thus far. You can even get directions from your place to any of the sites…

Many thanks to associate director of Alumni and Parent Relations Mike Warren ’93 for putting this together – there’s no excuse to miss the Bell telecast regardless of where you are.

Thanks Mike!