Are You Ready For Some Football?

According to, the Little Giants are ranked #20 in the nation in the DIII pre-season poll. That’s OK. I don’t want to start any higher…Little Giants always love to climb the ladder of success!

The football team will be back on campus on August 13th and things start rolling quickly. Note the first game of the season will be at Franklin College on September 9, 2006. The Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men is sponsoring a pre-game tailgate. Stay tuned to the alumni web site for more details.

Photo: Last year’s Conference Champs!

It Won't Be Long Now

It’s August. That means it’s hot and hazy. That will all change.

August 19th is Freshman Saturday. That means fall is almost here and football, soccer, and Homecoming are right around the corner. Homecoming weekend: football – fun… Homecoming queen – very interesting…Chapel Sing – Rite of Passage…

I can’t wait…it’s been quiet around here long enough.

Steve Charles – Our Magazine Man

In a way, I’m pretty lucky. I get a chance to watch, from a distance, as each Wabash Magazine issue comes together. At deadline time I watch as the midnight oil burns in Steve Charles’ office (that’s him sitting at his desk on the second floor of Wabash’s Kane House).

I also see the magazines of many other schools like ours. I am here to tell you that nobody…nobody has a better magazine than we do. The combination of articles and photography simply isn’t equaled.

Of course, Steve is part of a very talented staff who provide lots of effort and support – Jim Amidon ’87, Howard Hewitt, Brent Harris and Karen Handley. A pro team all around.

But the magazine is Steve’s baby and it’s spot on. Steve is a gifted writer and talented photographer. But even more? Steve absolutely loves what he does and takes great pride in every detail. He also loves our Wabash College.

I’m glad Steve’s on our team…and I know you are as well.



Peter Pactor '65: "You don't have to shovel it!"

August 2, 2006. We’re well into a long set of days with middle 90s temperatures and liquid humidity. Nasty is the descriptive word. Thank goodness the football team isn’t working out this week…

So, to cheer us all up, I thought I’d just pull out a photo from last winter…a little snow at Caleb Mills House. Looks pretty good right now. Of course, this winter we’ll be asking for the good old hot days of summer.

When I told Peter Pactor last night about the heat, that was his response: "At least you don’t have to shovel it." I think he’s been in Fort Worth too long!

For you gee whiz folks – the heat index in Bar Harbor Maine got all the way up to 82 degrees yesterday.