2006 Big Bash – THE Class of 1966

THE Class of 1966 was back in force for the 2006 edition of the Big Bash-many thanks go to reunion chairman and class agent Cal Black ’66.

Cal’s effort to organize a great turnout resulted in almost 40 members of the class returning. In addition, Cal’s organization of the Class Chapel Sing competition really raised the bar for future classes – how do you top a police escort, antique cars, a customized golf cart and almost everyone knowing the words…to both verses?

Thanks Cal, for all your efforts to make the Big Bash a Big success for THE class and others!

Photo: A 1966 alumnus models THE shirt. Cal Black designed and ordered these shirts for all his class members.

Father Mike Reding '86 – Difference Maker

Father Mike Reding ’86 said Mass for our reunion returnees on Sunday, June 4, 2006. Father Mike was back celebrating his 20th reunion at the same time. That seems easy enough…

However, Father Mike is the only priest for a parish of 4,000 members in the Minneapolis area. For him to make the trip here means a lot of coordination back there. It also means Wabash and his classmates are important as well.

I attended Mass that morning…as I do every Bash. Father Mike’s words were so good, so fitting, so….Wabash. I wish the entire reunion group could have been there.

When we talk about Wabash today and what sets it apart, it world changers just like Father Mike Reding that make the difference.


Dick Sylvester '56 – 50 Years Later

Dick Sylvester ’56, pictured here touring the campus with the spouse of a classmate, attended his 50th reunion this past weekend. His trip to campus was the first time back to Wabash in 50 years.

Dick marveled at the campus and at the 2006 version of Wabash College. He was glad he made the trip – regardless of how many miles it took. Oh…Dick came from Australia for the Bash of 2006.

Dick had a great time with his class – it took only a few seconds for them to get reconnected. Wabash College -The Rock of Gibraltar for many of us.

Big Bash – A Time To Catch Up With Friends

This is a picture of the one of the Class of 1966 tables at the Big Bash Banquet…but it could have been any table and any class.  It’s been 40 years since the Class of 1966 graduated…

That’s Jay Fisher (red shirt) who is president of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men. Across the table is David Kendall, President Clinton’s personal lawyer and Colloquium speaker today.

The Class of 1956 received a standing ovation at the conclusion of the 50th Reunion Medallion presentation…a great moment.

Chapel Sing today…I can’t wait.

Big Bash Reunion – What It Really Means

Jack Engledow ’53 sums it up much better than I ever could:

“…the most compelling reason for you to come back is not to see the changes, interesting as those are.  The best reason to come back is to savor what has stayed the same – to again be invigorated and inspired by the spirit and values of Wabash.  By my observation, those have remained remarkably unchanged through all the years….”

                                                Jack Engledow ’53


We’re expecting the biggest reunion in the history of the College…stay tuned for coverage of the Bash on the web site…see you next week right here.