A Fun Night for Sports

grand rapids-3076

It was a fun sports evening – walk outside of the Suite to a great view of Monday Night Baseball (West Michigan Whitecaps over the Lansing Lugnuts 7-5) or stand inside and watch Monday Night Football (Exhibition – but still football.)   Justin Vander Iest ’06 handled all the logistics for the Suite – thanks Justin.

In the photo, Bill Hecker ’05 watches the game with Jay Fisher ’66 while Nick Roersma ’03 and Jordan Carlson from Admissions talk with a prospective student and his mother.

One Guy CAN Make A Difference – Jim Dyer ’83

Jim Dyer '83

Jim Dyer ’83

That’s Jim Dyer ’83 in the hat.  That’s the St. Louis group at Anne and Tom Walsh’s ’83 home thanking Jim, and his lovely wife Susan, for all they have done.

That wasn’t the standard golf clap -that was a “Thanks from the heart” and “Hope you and Susan will come back.”

St.. Louis has always been a good alumni group…but Jim Dyer took it to a whole new level.  Great communication…mix of the types of events…encouragement of the younger alumni to be a part of it…it all worked.  And it worked because Jim Dyer simply would not accept another outcome.  Not the strong arm approach some have tried…but the true mentor approach.  The “I love Wabash and I know you do too…let’s do this” approach.

And St. Louis is not the only place Jim’s touch has changed…he’s been the chief architect of a new approach in the Phi Delt fraternity.

And, Susan, wonderful young lady that she is, has been at his side for all of it.

So, we don’t lose them, for sure.  Jim and Susan will be moving to the northern Indianapolis area soon…and son Tom is in the Class of 2018.

We talk about changing lives at this Good Place…Jim Dyer has been doing that AND changing this Good Place for the better.  Jim Dyer – Some Little Giant!

Ian Will Be Wearing Black and Gold – And It’s OK

#5 - Ian MacDougall

#5 – Ian MacDougall

This football season Ian MacDougall ’14 will be playing more football…at the D1 level.  Ian is in serious competition for the kicking job at Purdue…just up the road.

You’ll recall Ian had a great season last year and, with a year of eligibility left, is getting his Masters and continuing his football career.

We’ll all be pulling for Ian to have a great year.  One exception for the Grunge – I told him before he left that I knew he’d be successful…but I didn’t want to see him kicking for a win against the Fighting Irish.  I reminded him I lived in Lafayette and still have friends in the …ahh…deconstruction business!

So, tune in whenever you get the chance to see the Boilermakers in action and look for our own Ian MacDougall.

And the Season Has Officially Arrived

The Grunge went by practice this morning…not a lot of comments to make other than they keep getting bigger, stronger, and faster…

Defensive Coordinator BJ Hammer '01

Defensive Coordinator BJ Hammer ’01


Coach Olmy Olmstead '04 works with new O'Line guys

Coach Olmy Olmstead ’04 works with new O’Line guys


New addition - Coach Charlie German '70

New addition – Coach Charlie German ’70


Could that be Coach Nate Scola?  Why, yes it is!

Could that be Coach Nate Scola? Why, yes it is!


And...a little action for you...

And…a little action for you…


The real thing starts September 6, 2014 with nationally ranked Hampden-Sydney in town.  Hope to see you there!




Chris Doty ’06 – Officially a “Raider”

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.14.44 AM

Once a Marine…always a Marine…

Trustee Mac McNaught ’76 sent me the information on the USMC announcement about their Special Operations Command.  Mac also noted that our own Captain Chris Doty ’06 is now officially a “Raider.”

A couple of thoughts run through my head.

“Special people do special things” is one of them.  To belong to this elite group you need to be extraordinary…in a number of ways.

“It won’t be easy – it will be worth it.”  When you’re called to be the best you can be…you don’t want it to be easy…you want the tasks to be as tough as possible.  Like these Marines…

“It’s not for everyone.”   Certainly isn’t.  But where would we be without the Marine Corps or these talented professionals?

Those should sound familiar.  Wabash is pretty far removed from the Marine Corps…but in a lot of ways…Little Giants are Raiders as well.



Friendship That Lasts A Lifetime

Tim DeLong '86 and Jim Davlin '85

Tim DeLong ’86 and Jim Davlin ’85

My good friend Jim Davlin sent me this photo.  He invited his fraternity brother Tim DeLong up to his Country Club to play a little golf recently.  I think their ride was also pretty special – looks like a serious Camaro!

Tim and Jim go way back…now over 25 years of “way back.”  I am sure they retold some great Phi Delt stories…and chased the little white ball all over.

That made me think of the IAWM Sendoff party last Saturday…some of those guys will be posing for the same kind of photo in 25 years or so.

That’s just what happens at “this good place”.

Where else…?


John Bridge (r) welcomes Kim and Tom Gunderman ’89, and their sons, to the IAWM BBQ

Where else started the sentence.  Then came the “would you meet the President of the College at a get-together like this?”

But it just as easily could have been “would you find alumni willing to give up their Saturday just to welcome the newest class to Wabash?”  Or “alumni and their families willing to answer all of your questions?”

The IAWM Sendoff last Saturday was a fun time.  No real program other than to make each new student and his family feel welcome.

The food was excellent – Coach’s BBQ & Catering – Matt Clark ’00 is part owner along with his brother.  Just getting started in Indy, give them a call!  Tell them the Grunge sent you!

Walk About – I Wonder…


THE Chapel


The early morning fog…coupled with an inability to stay in bed this AM…gave me the excuse to do a Croc. Dundee “walkabout”.

In the back of my mind was the thought that next week the guys who play fall sports begin to arrive and practice.  NEXT WEEK!  Where did summer go?

Of course, the first stop always seems to be the Chapel…the fog and the sprinklers tried their best….but the Chapel is the Chapel…and it’s always visible….it is the cornerstone, after all, of “this good place”.  I wonder…how many alumni will come back this year and grab a little quiet time for themselves in the Chapel?  How many alumni will get married?  And, in the circle of life, how many Memorial Services?

The Senior Bench

The Senior Bench

Of course, I had to stop at the Senior Bench.  These two wait patiently for what they know will be another long fall season of “decoration.”  How many coats of paint will these guys get?  How many seniors will find a time, as the year progresses, to catch a quick moment of reflection sitting between these two guardians?

Forest Hall

Forest Hall

Forest Hall is in the midst of getting it’s yearly coat of paint – preparing to take on another Hoosier winter.  You have to wonder – how many coats of paint has Forest Hall had in its lifetime?

Rounding the corner…another Wabash landmark is calling…my desk and computer…

Wabash Club of Chicago Golf Outing – Aug 1


It was a great day for golf – that’s what the told me! (The Grunge arrived in time for dinner.)  The players dodged a little rain but it it turned out a nice day – especially for this time of year.

The outing increased in size this year with almost 50 golfers playing.  The George Dunne National Golf Course in Oak Forest, IL, was the site of the outing.  A good time was had by all – as you can tell from this photo.



That’s probably all the help he needs!

The outings are great times for guys of all ages to get together and talk Wabash.  Young alumni, especially those new to an area, can gain a lot of contacts and information.  Plus, it beats a day at the desk!

Making Way for Wabash’s Future

Removing the debris form the construction zone

Removing the debris from the construction zone

Stopped by the construction area yesterday to check on the progress.  As you can see, a pile of rubble is all that’s left of one of the houses that used to be along Crawford Street. (Someone left that almost new recliner!)

There are only a couple more houses to come down and the site will be ready.  Rumor is construction will start early in the week of Freshman Saturday!

These are exciting times for Wabash!