Happy New Year!


The Fall of 2014 was a great one for the college – Rhodes Scholar, athletic successes, large enrollment, new housing started, terrific fundraising year….the list goes on and on.

All of that suggests that 2015 has the potential to be an even better year for Wabash.  I know I’m looking forward to watching this year unfold…probably with as much interest as ever as a staffer here.

Keep in mind that your Wabash is bucking a lot of trends.  Fewer and fewer young men going to college.  That means the population willing to look at a college for men is also smaller.  Multiple that by the college’s desire to grow larger and by the competition from all those co-ed liberal arts colleges for exactly the young men your Alma Mater wants to attract.

That means your Alma Mater will need your help, especially with Admissions.  You know some young men who appear to have what it takes to be Wabash men?  Don’t stand on the sidelines of recruiting…jump in.  Get them introduced to Wabash and help them along the recruiting way.

It’s one of the best investments you can make in the future of your Wabash College!


Please Include Wabash On Your Holiday List

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The Grunge is headed out to be GaBunge for a little while.

I just finished reading the latest class letter by JJ Peller ’13.  JJ relates a story about looking for a new truck and the importance of a Wabash connection to that purchase.  JJ made a three hour drive, passing several dealerships on the way, to see classmate Corbin Richards ’13 for a very simple reason – JJ knew what he wanted but had some questions.  He knew Corbin would shoot straight with him.

That reminded me of the way we picked our family doctor when we moved to the South Bend area almost 20 years ago.  I opened the South Bend Tribune and saw a piece on the new physicians coming to the South Bend Clinic.  Bob Oppman ’88 was listed.  I didn’t know Bob from Adam…but his AB was from Wabash and that’s all I needed to know.  Despite moving for South Bend 15 years ago, Bob is still a great friend and our ND area family doc (we have them all over now!)

When I needed some fairly serious work done back in 2006, I turned to my classmate and friend Trey Holland ’71.

When Carol needed a new knee, we went straight to OrthoIndy and Frank Kolisek ’82.

The critical part in all this is the instant trust you have of someone who went to Wabash.  We all know this is a tough course…but we also know it changes lives.

So, I ask a favor.  Join me in supporting Wabash as the year comes to a close.  Wabash makes a difference in young men’s lives.  And education of our young men is more important than ever before.  We do make a difference.

For year end giving information, click here.

To go straight to the “Give Now” option, click here.



A Lighter Side Look At The Chicago Holiday Luncheon

Chicago Luncheon-1546

Our largest-ever Chicago Holiday Luncheon

Mike Warren and I made the trip yesterday to downtown Chicago for the Annual Wabash Club of Chicago Holiday Luncheon.  The location was the University Club.  There wasn’t any traffic (thanks Mike for driving!) and we arrived earlier than we had anticipated.

I hate to reveal personal secrets…but my usual custom is to check out the room for the photo opportunities.  At my minuscule stage of proficiency, I need every advantage I can get.  We had been in the room before so it wasn’t a big deal…or so I thought.

Well, as Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friend.”

The Club’s Art Gallery had been relocated to the room and it seems the theme of the exhibit was “No Clothes.”  Here’s the look right behind the podium and mic.

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

So…instead of anchoring myself in a good spot, I ended up walking back and forth in the back of the room…constantly.  I felt bad, but at one point I had to “reposition” Greg Estell right in the middle of his comments.  Here’s the link to the photo album – see if you can spot the photo right after the “reposition.”

At the end of the day, however, the art just didn’t matter.  As always, the Chicago Holiday luncheon was a great event.  Plenty of Holiday spirit and a time for President Hess to share a lot of great news about the College.


Cold, Damp, Dreary = Finals Week

Temperature in the low 40s this morning.  Slight drizzle.  Enough moisture to make the cold temperature run right down your backbone (fighter pilot medical terminology.)

So, this week is like root canal week for the students.  A little pain, a little suffering but all will be well when most of them get to go home to some well-deserved rest, home cooking, and no 8:00 AM anything.

Like I tell you…we’ll be glad to see them go…the place will be quieter.  Some of us will actually get some of the good, no door-ding parking spots.  By about December 26, though, we’ll start to wonder why they aren’t back yet.  Such is the cycle of life here.



New Look Little Giants – See You at Chadwick!!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.53.27 AM

Coach Kyle Brummett

If it’s been a while since you took in a Little Giants basketball game, this is the season to get caught up!

Coach Kyle Brummett has brought intensity and high energy back to Chadwick Court.  Our guys are playing hard and playing well.

Kyle is a coach, though and through.  When I congratulated him on last Saturday’s win, he was quick to say “Thanks” but just as quick to say “We had too many turnovers.”  Reminded me exactly of a young lady coach I know from a place up north!

Kyle, and his assistant coach Patrick Sullivan, get Wabash…that’s for sure.  They also know basketball and already have proved they can motivate our guys.  Get ready for a new brand of Wabash basketball!

You can see the Wabash schedule here

Marcus Klammrath grabs a rebound

Marcus Klammrath grabs a rebound


Thoughts On Whitewater

Proud of these guys!

Proud of these guys!


Carol and Grunge jumped in the car bright and early Saturday morning after seeing the last family members off from a short Thanksgiving visit.

Whitewater, with good weather, is actually closer than Wooster, time wise.

This blog won’t: talk about Xs and Os, the relative size of Whitewater, their football domination, the final score, or any of that other stuff.  None of that matters on this Thursday, I have decided. Yes it took me this long – those of you who know me well no I don’t handle…well, enough said.

I picked this photo for one reason.  It isn’t an individual shot – it’s team on team.  Secondly, Ethan Buresh’s gloves say it all – Wabash Always Fights.

Our guys played hard…the entire time.  Our captains – guys like AJ Akinribade – were working the sidelines…urging guys on.  Guys like Houston Hodges, who played virtually every down on Offense and Defense, just kept bringing it.  Cody and Ethan Bureshs’ engines ran at full grunt (a very technical flying term) the entire day.  Despite a very painful case of turf toe, Mason Zurek just kept at it.  These weren’t unusual – virtually every one of our guys did the same.

I believe its times like the second half of this game that define people.  It would be so easy to tell yourself that it wasn’t Wabash’s day.  To admit that the Warhawks are the #1 team in the land for a reason.

But that did not happen on a cold day in Wisconsin.

The measure of a man is not the final score or the final stats.  The measure of a man is his drive to give it his all.  The measure of a leader is to do that and drive his team to do the same. In both cases, the Little Giants can hold their heads up high.

The fans that day – on both sides of the field – saw what has always been a cornerstone defining “This Good Place” – Wabash Always Fights! 


Jacob Burnett ’15 Headed to Oxford

Jacob Burnett

Jacob Burnett ’15

Nice piece on Jacob, our newest Rhodes Scholar, in the Lafayette Journal-Courier

The following was borrowed from the Rhodes Scholars web page:


Jacob L. Burnett, Mishawaka, is a senior political science major at Wabash College. He also has a minor in psychology, and has won major academic awards in several subjects. He has done research in transnational crime involving adoption, on sub-Saharan political leadership, and on Appalachian poverty. Jacob is especially interested in criminal justice, having worked for the Legal Aid Society in Kentucky and as an intern with the Public Defender Service in Washington, D.C. He has been a tutor and mentor for underprivileged elementary school children. At Wabash, he is news editor and was formerly opinions editor of the student newspaper, president pro tempore of the student body, and was president of the College Democrats. At Oxford, Jacob will do the M.Sc. in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Whitewater Road Trip – Updated 11/25


UWW vs. Wabash – 2007


So, you’re thinking Road Trip this weekend to see the Little Giants take on the University of Wisconsin-Whiterwater?

The latest news straight for our web site:

Here’s some information from the Grunge.

1.  Weather forecast (as of 11/24).  Party cloudy.  High Temp = 39.  Winds 10 to 20 MPH from the Southwest.  20% chance of snow showers. (Ed.  Heard that before!)  UPDATE:  forecast unchanged for Saturday.

2.  Good place to stay.  In 2007, we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Janesville, a short drive from Whitewater.  Several other fans were there.  Address and phone #: 2400 Fulton Street, Janesville, Wisconsin, 53546 – 608-754-4900

3.  Game information.  Game starts at 12:00 noon local (Central time).  That’s 1:00 PM Eastern.  Plan accordingly.

4.  Tickets.  Expect tickets to go on sale 2 hours before the game.  Expect to have a no reentry policy.

5.  Tailgating.  In 2007 we all tailgated in the same area so if you are tailgating , get there early.  Address for the stadium is 900 Schwager Drive, Whitewater.  If that doesn’t work, put this intersection in your Garmin: Schwager Dr. and Warhawks Dr.  UPDATE:  If your Garmin / Nav system won’t take that intersection (mine did not on “further review”) try to navigate to 701 W. Scchwager and follow it around to Perkins Stadium.

6.  Bring layers!


Can’t make the trip?

1.  Watch it on-line at:

2.  Wabash’s audio: UPDATE:  The Wabash radio broadcast of Saturday’s game will begin at 11:10 (CST) on 91.3 FM WNDY and streamed on the Internet at

3.  Listen on Whitewater’s audio:

Tech Support by Grunge


So, you just watched the Little Giants win convincingly over DePauw last Saturday.  AXS-TV did a great job, as they always do.  But now you might be a little spoiled and you’re asking yourself how you can watch the playoff game against Franklin on TV as well?

Two answers:

You Can’t – it isn’t being televised in the classic way.  That’s not the Wabash, answer of course.  Wabash Always Explores new things.

You Can – You can get the telecast on your laptop or tablet…how do you get it to that nice, new HD TV you just got for an early Christmas present?

Here’s some information that might be of assistance:

There are a bazillion options (fighter pilot for a lot) but the key here is not to wait until Saturday at 11:50 AM to begin exploring. (Don’t treat it as a paper back in your student days)

Send the Grunge an email and let me know what worked for you.



From Ben Whitehouse (11/20/14):

Responding to your blog post.

1) throwing to an Apple TV from any apple product (iphone, iPad, Mac) works for me.
I recommend downloading the livestream app for the iPhone instead of going through the web browser.

I’m told roku boxes also can get the livestream app for direct TV viewing.

Hope you are well.