David Morgan, Director of Campus Services

David Morgan

David Morgan

That’s David Morgan, our director of Campus Services, playing the tuba for the Pep Band.  David is the guys who keeps Wabash running…and running well.

For David, Wabash isn’t just a job.  He”gets” it here and he’s driven to make everything run as well as absolutely possible.  As you can imaging, his life is not his own.  There’s no such thing as “8 to 5” when you have a job like his.

Like Jeremy Hartnett, he’s not a one instrument guy – in fact, I swear he has a different instrument each time I see him.  (He’s a natural on the “drums” as well!)

The beauty of all of this is the band isn’t just for pep – they’re part of the brotherhood here.  They love the rest of Wabash and enjoy “doing their thing for Wabash.”

That’s how you like to see it drawn up!


Jeremy Hartnett ’96

Jeremy Hartnett '96

Jeremy Hartnett ’96

By day, Jeremy is an Associate Professor of Classics.  He’s a student favorite.  At Wabash athletic events, he becomes a member of our Pep Band.

That’s Jeremy arriving before the start of the Kenyon basketball game on Saturday evening.  Jeremy is a multi-talented musician for sure. You can see that he plays two different instruments.  The horn and…ahh…the red bucket percussion thing-a-ma-bob.

(That’s our Pep Band leader on the right, Jim Swift.  He also has “drums” and sticks.)

As you have heard me say before, the Pep Band punches well above their weight and brings something very special to the game.

Man, am I glad they’re back.


Band of Brothers


Chapel Sing

In little bite size chucks, I am getting my office in order for the transition.  After 15 years, there’s a lot of “stuff” to transition.  Part of that stuff is a collection of photos that goes back in time.  I want to take several with me before they go onto the digital darkroom “floor.”

This photo started out as simply a Phi Delt photo.  They are the only ones who still wear the pots.   It works for that because one can clearly see the top of the pot and thus determine it’s a Wabash pot…and that means a Phi Delt pledge in possession.

But then…I was struck by the sense of firmly grasping the pot…and fellow pledges.  This is “it”, the photo seems to say…and we’re in this thing together. We protect our fraternity and we protect each other.

That brotherhood is what helps 99% of us get through Wabash.  You count on that guy standing next to you when you’re in need…and he counts on you as well.

I think I’ll take this one with me…for old time’s sake.

Omar Just Might Be A Fighter Pilot

Omar Robinson with his new "toy"

Omar Robinson with his new “toy”

When I received the email for Omar Robinson ’60, the title simply said “Omar and Judi’s new toy.”  The toy, and the @#$%^ eating grin on Omar’s face, made me laugh out loud.  My second reaction was to forward it on to CincGrunge to get immediate approval for a new “car” loan.  Then reality set in – I have been a cowboy for too long and, as Jack Palance says, “Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever.”

Omar, as most know, is President of one of the most successful private breweries in Indianapolis, Sun King.  He and his son Clay ’97 (Owner/Brewer)  have enjoyed incredible success.  Omar, as you can see, hasn’t eased into retirement…at all.

So, what is it that put “that” grin on Omar’s face?  It’s called a Polaris Slingshot.  Here’s the web site.  Check it out…recommend some sort of drool protector.  One gem of information…this puppy is powered by a 2.4 liter engine!  Think of it as an afterburner on a Cessna 172!

Omar…you are Some Little Giant!



Wabash Friendships Last a Lifetime…and Beyond


Roger Colehower, Phil Wescott, Allan Anderson, and Jerry Boyer- Class of 1965

Colehower came from Arizona.  Wescott from Delaware.  Anderson from South Carolina.  Boyer from Pennsylvania.  They came to Delaware to pay their last respects to classmate Augie Deadener.

Phil’s words say is much better than I ever could…

“January 10

Four old guys who still have some hair helped transition a Class of ’65 pal into the Better Life.  Four horsemen of the Apocalypse gather next to old Wabash College pal Augie Daesener’s memorabilia at last evening’s funeral service in lower Delaware…these guys from Charleston SC, Phoenix AZ, State College, PA and Lewes, DE.

We all sang the Whiffenpoof Song that Augie used to enjoy singing after a few cocktails.”
Wabash friendships…forever.  That’s what happens at this good place.

Wabash’s Entrepreneurship Summit – Feb 6, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.35.41 AM

The Wabash Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship is putting together a superb program for budding entrepreneurs.  You can see the schedule for the day here and sign up here.

While this particular summit has a focus on medical technology – including a star-studded lineup of presenters – the basics apply to all of you interested in developing a new idea or business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to come back to campus and make some key connections!


BJ Hammer ’01 Takes Over At Allegheny

BJ Hammer '01

BJ Hammer ’01

I think we all knew we couldn’t keep BJ Hammer ’01 forever…after all, he’s built a resume as our defense coordinator that is truly exceptional.  With his resume, he’s ready to be a head coach at a quality program.

And that opportunity begins now as BJ is headed to Allegheny College as their new head football coach.  You can see the web story here.

There’s no doubt in my mind that BJ will take the history and tradition at Allegheny, build upon it, and restore the program.  It won’t be long before they are serious contenders in the NCAC.

But I’ll wager his impact goes far beyond that.  I’ve seen BJ’s coaching style up close and it’s about the whole man concept.  BJ knows the ins and outs of defensive play, for sure, but he’s also teaching his guys about life and what they can do to be difference makers.  That’s where his lasting impact is – on the playing fields of life.

BJ – we wish you the best.  And, for 9 of the 10 weeks each season, we’ll be rooting for you and the Gators.

The Grunge Is Back

Ski team-8625

Chris Runge ’94, Lisa Runge, Jeremy Runge, Abby Smith, Owen Runge, Coley Runge (back), JT Runge (front), and Kyle Smith

The Grunge is back for a New Years vacation in Keystone, CO along with the “Virginia Runges” (Chris, Lisa, and their boys) and the “Colorado Smunges” (Jeremy and Rick Smith and their kids).

Yes, Nana and GaBunge did take a ski lesson and proved that old people can master some new skills…let’s leave it at that.

The VA Runges flew in from Florida – the altitude change was pretty dramatic!

We had a great time but now we’re back in the saddle.


Happy Holidays!

In snowier times

In “snowier” times

Happy Holidays from the Grunge!  Whatever your faith, I hope this is a time of giving, thankfulness, joy with family and friends, and a little bit of reflection as well.  If you’re traveling, travel safe.

As I close in on my departure from Wabash, I continually reflect on what has been the same over my 16 years back at the college.  In 1999, the Class of 1991 sat right in the middle of the young alumni spectrum.  This spring they will be back for their 25th reunion! Go figure!  Time has marched on, for sure.

An unchanged part is the profound impact this good place has on the young men who call Wabash home for four years.  An unchanged part includes a faculty ever-devoted to getting those young men to push themselves in learning and in leading.  An unchanged part is a coaching staff that places an emphasis on being all you can be – in every phase of your life.  An unchanged part is a staff who are working side-by-side with the faculty in a partnership of teaching life skills.

The faces change but the experience just keeps getting better and better for these young men.

I hope you feel good about Wabash and you believe this is an institution worthy of your interest and investment.  If so, do me three simple favors:

1.  Check the Honor Roll here to make sure you’re “in” for this fiscal year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.)  There’s nothing wrong with a second gift this year, by the way.

2.  Check the Honor Roll for a classmate who is a friend.  If he’s on there, thank him with a quick note.  If he isn’t, send him to step three.

3.  Make a gift.  It’s super easy online – here is the web site.  You can also mail a gift: Wabash College, Advancement Office, PO Box 352, Crawfordsville, IN, 47933.   Every gift counts.

Thanks for all you do for our college!


These young men can change the world!



Is That Tom Perkins?

Tom Perkins and Clayton Randolph

Tom Perkins and Clayton Randolph ’16 on a commercial break

Last night Wabash played Franklin at home.  We had a great crowd and the Franklin fans traveled very well.  Chadwick was alive.

My long-time baseball buddy Tom “Perk” Perkins – we played in the Crawfordsville leagues growing up about 100 years ago – jumped in to do the radio broadcast with Clayton last night.  As you can see, Clayton thought the entire broadcast was going extremely well.

Perk does so many things for the college – he is truly cut right out of the Chick Clements mold.