For A Good Cause!

Late Summer 2014 160

This photo came from Rob Reimondo, Wabash Class of 1993.   Rob said:

“This picture was taken downtown (Crawfordsville) on August 16, 2014 at the “Finish Line Fest.”  My son, Jack Reimondo (second from left) was raising money for the American Diabetes Association with his Lemon Shake-Up Booth.  Wally Wabash stopped by to support the cause.  Also pictured with Wally are Austin Manion (son of Mikel Manion, Class of 1996, far left), Patrick Scheidler, and Nathan Jent.”
These young men sure look like Wabash men, don’t they?  And, added to that, it’s a Gentlemanly thing to do!

Please note


The Grunge has picked up some additional administrative support functions recently.  These efforts will naturally take extra time and are more important than maintenance of the blog.  I’ll post when I can but there’s no way I can continue the almost daily posting level of the past.

To you faithful 10 – you know who you are – THANKS for understanding!

Wabash At Witt – Saturday, November 8, 2014

witt-2073It’s almost an annual event.  Wabash vs. Witt to decide who sits atop the NCAC going into the final week of the season and a possible playoff birth.  Both teams with an identical 7-0 record in the Conference.

I hope you’ll be in Springfield to cheer on the Little Giants. But if you can’t make it but can watch on your computer, here’s the link to the Witt broadcast.  If you’d like to get the Wabash announcers’ (radio only) take on the game, here’s the link.

I can’t wait until Saturday – WAF!


Record Year For Soccer


We (Carol, Gary Ross, Sherry Ross, and the Grunge) hadn’t had enough cold, rain, sleet, snow, etc., at Hiram so we jumped in our cars and made our way to Wooster to catch the regular season finale between Wooster and our Little Giants.

You can read the full story here.

Here’s the Grunge’s report – cold, windy, nasty, tough…and that was just the weather.  Wabash won it in the last three minutes…just as you would expect.  They never gave up, never gave in and just kept fighting.

We’re in the NCAC playoffs – that’s no doubt and this outcome didn’t change that.  But the team wanted this one…and it showed.

Wabash Always Fights!


Family Day – Great Day All Around

Fam day-4350

Dean of Students Mike Raters and Associate Dean Mark Welch talk with parents

Family Day could not have been better – great football weather and victory plus a great sale at the Bookstore.

We offered several sessions targeted to give parents the information they need.  Above, Mike Raters ’85 and Marc Welch ’99 outlined for a full house what their sons should be considering throughout their four years here.  The Q and A was lively all morning – a great sign.

Parents have to balance the need to “help” their sons along with letting their sons be responsible.  It’s a fine line for sure.

We’re already beginning to think about next year…our goal is continuous improvement!

New Construction


Ready To Build

Here’s a shot from the Northeast corner of the Bill and Ginny Hays house.  You can see the area is cleared and they are in the process of digging the foundations.  The Sigma Chi house (left) and Delt House (Cole Hall for now) are to the north.


We’re still anticipating the two townhouses will be ready to go next fall…let’s hope it’s a construction-friendly winter!


It’s Still October

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.46.42 AMA good friend, a fellow cancer survivor, reminded me, after seeing my post yesterday about Movember, that’s it’s still October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Simple message – get screened for cancer on a regular basis and “encourage” those who you like and love to do the same.

This Is NOT the case of what you don’t know won’t hurt you.  I was tested and found it early – she was tested and found it early.

Gals and guys…get it done!

That’s an order!



It’s Almost Movember

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.40.14 PM


This isn’t directly about Wabash.  But, there’s a STRONG Wabash connection.

Enter the Grunge ’71 – prostate cancer patient.  Enter his classmate and friend Trey Holland ’71…Doctor…urologist.  The middle chapters read like analysis…biopsy…diagnosis…surgery.

Trey shoots straight with Grunge – Grunge shoots straight with Trey.  Grunge takes a very analytic path to treatment – rip the @#$%^&* thing out and the sooner the better.  Trey does exactly that.

That was 8 years ago.  Grunge is a prostate cancer survivor…thanks to Trey.

So, MOVEMBER is special to the Grunge.

I won’t beg you to make a gift.  But, if you want to join me in support this cause, please do.  Here’s the web address – I’m already in for this Movember.


Colorado Trip!

This Morning At Wabash

This Morning At Wabash

Spent part of last week with Scott Crawford, Cassie Hagan, and 13 students on the Colorado Professional Immersion Experience (PIE).  We visited a number of companies in the Denver and Boulder areas.

It was a great trip.  Made me proud.  Several young alumni out there are making real differences in their companies and their impact shines right through.  As I rode around with the students, it was interesting to see their takes on the different organizations as well.


Michael Sanchez '90 talks with students

Michael Sanchez ’90 talks with students

Rally Software started the trip with a great presentation.  Rally has been growing at about 30% per year.  Michael Sanchez ’90 gave the guys a tour but more importantly an insight into Rally and the kinds of people Rally is looking for as employees.

Trips like the Colorado PIE give our guys a huge advantage as they work on networking and also trying to figure out what is next for them.  Bottom line, though, hasn’t changed – identify your passion, take any position that gets a foot in the door, work your tail off, and don’t say “No” to an upward move.

A great trip…and the area isn’t bad either!


Oscar Torres ’01 – Award Winner

Oscar Torres '01with Chip Timmons '96

Oscar Torres ’01 with Chip Timmons ’96

Oscar Torres ‘ 01, teacher and coach, couldn’t make it back for Homecoming this year – coaching and teaching responsibilities just didn’t allow the trip.  Oscar was honored as an Alumni Admissions Fellow for his outstanding recruiting efforts in Southern Texas during the annual Alumni Chapel.

Not to worry said Chip Timmons in Admissions and Chip volunteered to hand-delivery the citation.  Chip, as you can see, presented the citations at Oscar’s school.

Oscar Torres changes young lives in many ways – as a coach, as a teacher, and as a recruiter for his Alma Mater.

Oscar Torres is Some Little Giant!