Wabash Alumni – Phoenix Get-Together


Luke Odom ’08, Matt Gunty ’97, Cal Black’66, Mike Rapier ’87, Zeljko Gavranovic ’04, Michael Putko ’16 and Darryl Kennon ’10.

Cal Black ’66 sent me this photo of an informal get-together in Phoenix.  The photo was taken at Zipp’s Sports Grill, the site of the annual Monon Bell telecast party in Phoenix.  (Look for the Grunge to be there this coming November for the telecast party.)

Wabash network connections?  You bet.  Luke Odom works for Mike Rapier’s company, Liberty Paper.  Michael Putko spent the summer as an intern for Zeljko Gavranovic.

Wabash Always Connects!


New Townhouses


David Morgan, director of Campus Services, gives a tour through the new student housing

David Morgan, director of Campus Services, gives a tour through the new student housing

The kitchen features a stove, refrigerator, dish washer, and microwave.

The kitchen features a stove, refrigerator, dish washer, and microwave.


This is the ground floor 2 person room. Upstairs are two singles and a double for a total of 6 guys in each side of the townhouse.

These could be busy every weekend

These could be busy every weekend

A single person room at the end of the hallway on the second floor.

A single person room at the end of the hallway on the second floor.

Overall, the new housing is very nice.  Our guys will have the comforts of apartment style living while they are right in the middle of the new residential area.  The layout will be conducive to study but also to larger gatherings.  They look great to me!



Football Practice

With the Hamden-Sydney game just two weeks away, I snuck over to practice just to grab a couple of photos.  There are a LOT of guys out for the team this year…


Coach Raeburn has a great system for practice…every four minutes something changes.

Coach Raeburn watches the action with the intensity you'd expect

Coach Raeburn watches the action with the intensity you’d expect

Passing drills

Passing drills

Defensive coordinator BJ Hammer is a constant note taker

Defensive coordinator BJ Hammer is a constant note taker

The q-back looks over the defensive alignment

The q-back looks over the defensive alignment

O-line coach Olmy Olmsted

O-line Coach Olmy Olmstead

The art of slipping past the opposing O-line

The art of slipping past the opposing O-line

The kicking game can be a game changer

The kicking game can be a game changer


Tight ends working on the passing game

Tight ends working on the passing game (as Coach Nate Scola looks on)










Introduce your HR team to Wabash and our students

Colorado pie 540

Wabash, through the Schroeder Center for Career Development, is hosting its first-ever Recruiting College Talent Summit.  This program is designed to help HR teams connect better with millennials…and in doing so, Wabash men!  Here’s the information fro our friends in Career Services:


This fall Career Services is pleased to announce the first-ever WabashWorks | Recruiting College Talent Summit to be held on September 9.  If you’ve ever thought, “We should really get some more Wabash men in here,” now is the perfect time to put that thought into motion.  The summit will be a free event, focused on helping recruiters and HR professionals from a wide-variety of fields, levels of experience, and locations better connect with millennials.  Featuring keynote speakers Susan S. LaMotte, CEO and founder at  exaqueo, and Jason Seiden, CEO at Brand Amper, the event is sure to be fun and informative.  LaMotte and Seiden will also offer their expertise on employer branding, recruiting technology, and social media use.

 In addition to sharing best practices, the event aims to introduce recruiters who may not be familiar with Wabash College to our unique culture and dedicated students.  We will offer Sphinx Club-led tours of campus to highlight our traditions and wrap up the day with a networking dinner.  Over dinner, which will be held in the brand new Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship HQ in downtown Crawfordsville, attendees will also have the opportunity to network with students – possibly identifying some early candidates – and network with other professionals.

 For alumni, it will be the perfect way to introduce the recruiters or HR professionals at your organization to your alma mater – show them what makes Wabash so special and why they should want to hire Wabash talent.  Additional information and registration can be found on the event page at Career Services invites all alumni to attend, share the invitation with the recruiters at your organizations, and share with anyone else in your network who you think can offer excellent opportunities for Wabash men.

 The Schroeder Center for Career Development staff welcomes questions from anyone who may be interested, as well as introductions to others in your network.  We challenge you, Wabash Alumni, to spread the word and help create new opportunities for the Wabash men who will graduate this May.


Crawfordsville Designated a Stellar Community


Indiana Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann congratulates Crawfordsville mayor Todd Barton ’90.

This past Monday Crawfordsville was recognized as a recipient of the Stellar Communities Designation Program – you can read the piece in the Crawfordsville Journal Review here.

This designation opens the door for federal and private funding.  Mayor Barton and his team have been hard at work developing plans to improve the Crawfordsville environment and make the city and surrounding area more attractive to those seeking a place to live and work.

Congrats to Mayor Barton and his Stellar team!

Summer Is Officially Over!

Chapel 540

The Wabash Chapel

Summer is over.  Done.  Time to get serious about studies…and football…and homework…and soccer…and pledgeship…and cross country…and meeting new friends…and developing those life-long relationships that will form a big part of life for the next 80 years or so.

Sure, this week there are still some open parking slots and the cars of the students haven’t taken all of the end slots.  But it will happen.

The Phi Psi fire alarm hasn’t gone off in weeks…but it will happen.

The senior bench still says “05 Rules!” but my gut tells me that will change within 10 days.

You can still catch a shot of the Mall like the one above…but those days are numbered.

The Wabash Class of 2015 is “out there”…finding their way in the world.  The Wabash Class of 2019…that’s 2019…will officially start on Saturday.

Times change….but they also remain the same.

Yesterday I found myself in a meeting with two other Wabash men – Class of 1985 and Class of 1997.  We agreed on one very fundamental thing – just like Wabash did in “our” day, it still does today.  It takes young men and pushes them to exceed even their highest standards.  You can have all kinds of names for it – diamonds in the rough, untapped potential, etc.  Bottom line is simple – the guys in the class of 2019 will be leaders and agents of change when they leave.

We get the best seat in the house.  We get to watch it happen.  Day in and day out.

Just like Jonah Woods ’18.  Jonah is working this summer with IT.  He came to my office to install my new computer.  It gave me a chance to get to know Jonah.  We talked about Wabash, cross country, and a number of other topics.  He’s articulate and thoughtful and he took the computer install seriously…like we’d expect.

I’ll miss the more casual dress but I’m ready for the guys to be back!


Boilermakers in town!


That’s right, the Purdue football team is on campus today to practice.  Evidently this morning they practiced on the natural turfon our practice field.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a Boilermaker fan or not, you have to cheer for coach Darrell Hazell.  I think he’s worked tirelessly to turn the program around and the signs of that happening are clearly evident.  He’ll need more time…but sometimes this day and age there just isn’t much time.

Regardless, it’s pretty special that the Boilermakers are at the home of the Little Giants!


This Will Get You Fired Up!

Alright Wabash fans, get on your feet ’cause its…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.26.09 AM

The coaches poll is out.  Predictably, Witt is favored to win the conference with the ‘Bash second and DePauw third.  Of course, that doesn’t mean anything other than it’s time for football!

To get your football juices flowing, watch this video put together by our own Aaron Selby ’06.  Aaron now works in Alumni/Parent Relations after coaching football for the past several years.  Aaron doesn’t know it yet, but he just became the office videographer!!!

I’ve watched it a couple of times….going home to pack the car for Hamden-Sydney! (It’s less than a month away!)