I’m Back…and Alive!


Grunge at North Kaibab Trailhead

Made it!  Left Phantom Ranch at 5:44 AM and showed up here 10 hours and 25 minutes later.  Up 1 mile and walked 14.

It was long!  Drank a little over 10 pounds of water…

Hit a little rain on the way down…but the overcast made the photos better!

Raining at the North Rim!

Raining at the North Rim!



Feels like…


That’s my brother in law – Steve Servies – at Bright Angel Campground.  We were out for a day hike…read crazy!

Going through 600 emails.  If you don’t hear from me in the next couple of days – hit me again!


Just a guess…

bench-0860It’s just a guess…but an educated one.  (I know, with the Grunge using the term “educated” is risky!)

I’ll bet you that the Senior Bench on Saturday morning is red.  Somehow, magically, each year the press box announcer states: “The Phil Delts are pleased to report that the bench is red.”

Now, having said that, I hope there’s a meteorologist as a Phi Delt pledge as the weather forecast for tomorrow and Saturday includes more than a chance of a bench washing!

Would the world be different, or would the outcome of the game change, if they didn’t get it done?  I don’ know…how could it matter?

But, Phi Delt pledges, let’s not mess with Mother Nature!


Only At Wabash

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.09.17 PM

Professor Wally Novak

I ran into Wally Novak early last Thursday morning.  He was on his way to a 8:00 AM class on the first day of the new school year.

I threw out the usual banter about an 8:00 AM class.  He said “yes” in his usual good-natured way.  I asked what the course was.  He responded “Advanced Bio-Chemistry.”

I stopped in my tracks.  Advanced Bio-Chemistry.  Wally’s excited and the Grunge is just trying to wrap his arms around exactly how tough that would be…let alone at 8:00 AM on a student’s body clock.  I wished Wally good luck and headed for the inbox.

Caught Wally at lunch – same day.  “How was class?” I asked.  He said with a broad smile: “Great!  This is going to be a great year – these guys are all super to work with.”  I said: “How many students?” “7″

Seven students.  8:00 AM.  CHEM 462.  Advanced Bio-Chemistry. A recipe for …GREATNESS!

You see, Wally is a teacher / mentor / role model / cheerleader rolled into one.  He’ll push the guys to give it their best shot and he’ll make every step of the journey – the highs and the lows – with them.  Because he cares.  And they will give it their best because, at the end foot he day, they do not want to disappoint Wally.

Wally Novak helps make Wabash “this good place”.  Even at 8:00 AM!





The Lew Is Coming Down

The Lew Is Coming Down

All the prep work has been completed…and today they started in earnest.  The Lew Wallace Inn is coming down.  I noticed someone had already procured what was left of the sign…


Talked to a local resident: “Happy to see it go and sad to see it go”

The space will become a parking lot for now.


All of that furniture done in "Early Motel"

All of that furniture done in “Early Motel”

The new parking lot will be a block from campus….the question will be is that close enough?


From Generation to Generation – Team Horner


John Horner ’59 and Hank Horner ’18

There’s little the Grunge can add to the photo – I think the facial expressions say it all.  One proud grandfather and one proud grandson.

While they’re separated by 59 years, my sense is Hank will get the same education John did – kind of “State-of-the-art Traditional”, if you know what I mean.

In the I’m getting old category, Shawn Cox ’94 and his wife dropped son Conor off this past weekend.  Shawn graduated from Wabash with my son Chris…give me a Geritol please with a side chaser of Ensure!

NW Indiana Group – Fun Evening!

Figure 8 Brewing

Figure 8 Brewing

Several guys from “Da Region” got together last week at Figure 8 Brewing in Valparaiso.

We had a blast.  Great TWR, good food, and great Wabash conversation – what could be better?

As an aside, it’s neat to watch these young guys going off and doing great things.

Many thanks to Shawn Cox ’94 for setting up the evening, to Ron Nichols ’64 for bringing his lovely bride Connie along,  and to one of our newest staff members in Admissions, Tyler Wade ’12, for making the trip!

Yes, the TWR was excellent!

A Little Lite Reading

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.06.21 AM

Number 10 doesn’t fit Wabash but…

Here’s some Friday morning lite reading.  #10 not accurate…for Wabash…but many of the ideas are right on target.

Best line of the entire article is the last one.

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Top Companies Have Top Leadership

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.56.58 PM

Includes Apparatus, Sun King, and Hannapin

Think about the following numbers for just one second.  Imagine three-year growth rates of 362%, 100%, and 89%.  What do those companies have in common?  Wabash leadership!

Sun King – 362%

Hannapin Marketing – 100%

Apparatus – 89%

This is great news for those companies and for our alumni involved.

Speaking of those alumni, I thought it might be interesting to “explore” what these guys majored in while at Wabash.

At Sun King, the father-son duo is Omar ’61 and Clay ’97 Robinson.  Omar was an Economics major while Clay majored in Speech.

At Hannapin, Pat East ’00 was an English major.

At Apparatus, founder/CEO Kelly Pfledderer ’96 was a German major and President Aman Brar ’99 was Economics and Religion.

Study what you’re passionate about and do what you love!  Pretty good recipe, right out of the liberal arts cookbook.