Sweet Briar College – Closing

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Sweet Briar Closing after 114 years

Sweet Briar College – a small liberal arts college for young ladies located in rural Virginia, is closing this coming August.

They had a number of challenges – a small endowment, declining enrollment, and increasing costs associated with filling their classes.

This wasn’t unexpected – the college’s leadership had been wrestling with financial challenges for a period of time.  However, it still is a shock to their students and all their alumnae.  They had a recognizable name and a history spanning over 100 years – but those won’t keep the doors open.

“What does this have to do with the ‘Bash?” you loyal 10 might ask?  Nothing…I hope.  But we all need to be aware that we can’t sit by on the sidelines and settle for status quo when it comes to our college.  If we aren’t growing and getting stronger, we’re going in the other direction.

The Grunge prefers the former and hope you’re onboard.

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A Season To Build Upon


Daniel Purvlicis Against DePauw

In something akin to the first-ever college Div 1 playoffs, the fourth-seeded Tigers from DePauw were the NCAC conference tournament champions, earning a first-ever trip to the playoffs.

Also selected to the playoffs were Ohio Wesleyan and Wooster.  Three NCAC teams in the tournament – might be a first.

What do all of those teams have in common?  Wabash beat them all!!!

In his first season at Wabash, Coach Kyle Brumett set the bar high.  Wabash went from 8-17 last year to 18-9 this year with a 3rd place finish in the conference regular season standings.

The future is bright for the Wabash roundballers.


This photographer had an off night!

bad photo-6534

Marcus Kammrath gets a dunk!

Some days you’re the windscreen and some days you’re the bug.  I was so the bug Tuesday night.

Here’s the first dunk I have seen Marcus do in a game.  Notice the great focus…on the Allegheny fan just to the right.  That’s the way to capture a moment, don’t you think?

But it wasn’t just a “sneeze” of the shutter before I had focus…no it was a full head cold kind of night.

bad photo-6549

Kasey Oetting on the fast break

Here’s Kasey on the fast break.  If you look closely, I had Kyle Aiton, Daniel Purvlicis, and Austin Burton all in focus…  That takes a lot of skill, if you are trying to do that.  However, I was supposed to be focused on Kasey.  (Maybe I need a new camera?)

But there’s a educational lesson buried deep in my off night.  Like flying, like sports, like a lot in life, the next “game” is a new game – the card will be empty and the slate will be clean.  But that’s not all – you must learn from your mistakes.  And I, hopefully, learned a lot Tuesday night!

Go Bash!

These Guys Are GOOD!

Derek Andre and Clayton Randolph

Derek Andre ’16 and Clayton Randolph ’16

Derek and Clayton did the play-by-play last night.  They do a great job.  The Grunge got a report on the game all the way from Ashburn, VA last night – first class presentation.  And that’s from an iPad at another ball game.

Derek and Clayton are part of a first class operation led by our media guru Adam Bowen.  We have, arguably, the best team and setup in Division III.  OK – not arguably – we’ve decided and they are #1!

Just like our Kyle Brumett-coached team, these guys come to play.  It’s fun to watch them in action.


NCAC Tournament Begins Tonight


Allegheny at Wabash

Wabash is a # 3 seed as the NCAC basketball tournament opens tonight.  7:30 PM in Chadwick Court.  Hope to see you there.

What a difference a year has made.  Last year we were 8-17…having gone “oh-4″ in our first eight games.  This year we’re 17-8 and we’ve notched a victory against every one of the NCAC teams.  Count in that group OWU and Wooster – both nationally ranked last time I checked.

There’s a lot more parity this year and that will make for a great tournament.

If you can’t be a Chadwick tonight, tune in on the web.  ( Our guys really do it right.



180 Seconds and All The Hot Dogs You Can Eat

hot dog-2113

Coach Olmy Olmsted Was the “Emcee” for the Hot Dog Eating Contest

Last Wednesday night, instead of the usual Sphinx Club Cookout, Wabash came up with something new – all the hot digs you can eat in three minutes.  As you can see, the competition drew a large crowd.

Three minutes…hot dogs…basketball game to follow…yes, there are some scenarios that end up…messy.

But, it was great fun and I even saw some friends find dinner…

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

It’s What Gentlemen Do


The Sphinx Club Pledges at the DePauw Game

Megan Hammerle, DePauw ’18, is the sister of Connor, Wabash ’15, and daughter of Rick, Wabash ’87. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, she passed away after a brief but devastating illness.  You can’t begin to imagine how tough it is to be a parent and lose a child.  It hurts almost as much for a brother to lose a sister.

Last night it was rivalry night at Chadwick.  DePauw in town to take on the Little Giants.  The Sphinx Club Pledges stepped up as true gentlemen.  Every one had Megan’s initials and her class year on the back of their t-shirts.  The Wabash and DePauw crowd paused for a moment of silence before the National Anthem.

I think times like these are true life lessons.  Times like these put everything into perspective.

There were so many different things that the Rhynies could have done…this was TRUE CLASS!


You Just Have To Love It – This Good Place


A Battle For The Ball

During halftime of our Denison game last Saturday, some very special Olympians played a short game.

Halftime, right?  Get some popcorn, a Coke, and maybe catch up with friends in the Bowerman lobby.

Not that way for our Wabash students.  Our guys, especially the Sphinx Club pledges, were there to cheer on the two teams as they raced up and down the court.  Every basket netted a loud cheer.  Every rebound was the same.

I think about how easy it would be to use halftime for something other than to be the best fan possible.  Then I think about our Mission Statement…

Our guys care…and it shows.  That’s one of the many transformations at “this good place.”

Wabash Spirit

I love-5659Saturday was Valentines Day…a day to honor and celebrate affection.  It including a thrilling, too thrilling it seems at some points, victory over Denison with a last second tip in by Marcus Kammrath.  The crowd went wild…as well they should.

The Rhynies at the basketball game showed their affection for their Alma Mater…almost wearing it on their sleeves.  They thrilled the crowd with their own unique brand of tennis as well as some great flying stunts.

I love-5693










The students were out in force…always great.  WAF means we’re always in it to the end and there’s no quit.  Love the stocking cap look with the…ahh…well…war paint!


Smoothies with Presidents Seymour and Hess

Mrs. Hess, President Seymour, President Hess

Mrs. Hess, President Seymour, President Hess

It was a special time for me.  President Thad Seymour was my president as a student at Wabash.  President Hess will be my last president.

We (including David Troutman and the Grunge) all sat in Thad’s favorite smoothie shop and talked about Wabash then and now.  Thad also explained the transformation of Rollins College, which we toured a little later in the day.

EVERYONE in and around Rollins seems to know Thad – even current students.  Several ventured into the smoothie shiop and virtually everyone said hello…a couple noting his Wabash t-shirt.

Thad’s memory of the 1970s at Wabash is crystal clear…The Vietnam War, Elmore Day, the young man (not a student) setting himself on fire on campus (protesting the War), Trustee meetings, etc.  He hit it all!

Thad stays in close touch with Wabash through our web site.

At one point he noted that there is a time and place for college president’s…oh so true.  I’m just glad his time was my time and the place was Wabash!