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The Wabash Needlepoint Belt


John Dewart ’10 sent me this link – thanks John.  Fellow Sigma Chi Garrett McCarthy ’12 is the creator – thanks Garrett.

You can get more details here:

All of the main buildings on campus are represented in the design…there’s also a living unit.  You’ll never guess which one…


NAWM Honors Great Student Members

Greg Estelll '85 and Seton Goddard '15

Greg Estelll ’85 and Seton Goddard ’15


Greg Estell '85 and Carter Adams '15

Greg Estell ’85 and Carter Adams ’15

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Wabash Men – your alumni board – honored two outstanding student representatives at the beginning of their meeting this past weekend.  That’s NAWM president Greg Estell ’85 presenting the certificates.   Seton Goddard ’15 was the student body representative in 2013 and Carter Adams ’15 served in the same capacity in 2014.

Seton will go to work after Commencement for CIGNA, the insurance company, in a management development program.  Seton honed his skills in a summer internship focused upon the operational analytics side of the insurance business as well as the Healthcare Immersion Program at Wabash.

Carter will be commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the USMC on Commencement day.  His “internships” over the summers consisted of Marine Corps officer training.

Both of these young men have great futures in store and were valuable contributors on the board.

Another Wabash Connection To…Beer!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.10.10 PMTwo young Wabash guys – Matt Kriech ’00 and Damon Carl ’03 – have started a brewing company…in Indianapolis, IN!

Wabash Brewing has just opened its doors.

To get  to know these two guys in more detail, plan on attending their session at the upcoming Alumni, Faculty, & Staff Symposium at Wabash on February 20th.  The theme this year is “Wally in the Lab” and we’ll feature a number of very interesting sessions (stay tuned for details.)

Matt and Damon were both Chem majors here so they’re putting that liberal arts education to excellent use in what I think is a second day job for both.

There’s always room for one more fine brewery in Indianapolis.



“The Last Class of the Day”

The Last Class of the Day

The Last Class of the Day

Head Lacrosse Coach Terry Corcoran gave a “Lacrosse 101″ presentation yesterday to members of the Wabash staff community.  In response to a question about what brought Terry to Wabash, he talked about our passion for athletics but looking at it through a lens I hadn’t fully appreciated before.

Athletics at Wabash, he said, is “the last class of the day.”

The Last Class of the Day.

Perfect.  Top your daily liberal arts studies off with teamwork, leadership, effort, physical fitness, motivation, determination, goal-seeking, etc.

I’m filing “The Last Class of the Day” right next to “This Good Place”…you may see those again!

Coach Terry Corcoran teaching The Last Class of the Day

Coach Terry Corcoran teaching The Last Class of the Day

Who Are You Going To Call?

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.18.33 AM

Chip Timmons ’96

One of the most popular pages on our entire web site is the listing of the Admissions and Financial Aid staff and their territories.  You can get the information two separate ways: here and here.  The first one let’s you see the entire staff, including all of the talented folks in Admissions and Financial Aid.  The second listing let’s you search for the Admissions Counselor for a particular area.  So, if you’ve found a talented young man down in the Evansville area, Chip Timmons is your man.

During travel season, you’re also able to see where each team member is traveling.

Wabash prides itself on being very hands on and personal during the entire recruitment cycle.  This gives you a chance to introduce a family your might think has a Wabash fit with one of our team members.

Of course, as things change these areas also change.  Check back often to make sure you have the latest information.



‘Bash Basketball – It Feels Good!

Wabash vs.  Allegheny

Wabash vs. Allegheny

We played two basketball games this past weekend.  The guys from Hiram and Allegheny were doing their swing through Wabash and DePauw.

Wabash won a thriller, a double overtime victory, on Saturday against a determined Hiram team.  On Sunday, despite a nice lead in the first half, we just didn’t have enough left in the tank to hold off Allegheny.

Some times sports fans make the mental switch to the “intangibles”…hanging out where points, fouls, threes, dunks, and other details take a backseat to warm fuzzies.

The Grunge choose to go there yesterday afternoon.  Who doesn’t like a little warm fuzzy on a cold, snowy, slick afternoon?

As some around here say, “Always Means Always” and our guys fought the entire game…even if their legs were on fire.  Speaking of fire, Coach Brummett and Coach Sullivan also are never give up guys.  No slumping on the seats when the end became near…and clear.  No way.  Coach and Coach were teaching basketball and life…non-stop.  Their words, but even more their example, will resonate long after the next tipoff…

Yep – the Grunge hates to lose…at anything.  But the Grunge is also a proponent of lifelong learning…and we all did a little of that yesterday.

Coach Kyle Brummett

Coach Kyle Brummett

Happy New Year!


The Fall of 2014 was a great one for the college – Rhodes Scholar, athletic successes, large enrollment, new housing started, terrific fundraising year….the list goes on and on.

All of that suggests that 2015 has the potential to be an even better year for Wabash.  I know I’m looking forward to watching this year unfold…probably with as much interest as ever as a staffer here.

Keep in mind that your Wabash is bucking a lot of trends.  Fewer and fewer young men going to college.  That means the population willing to look at a college for men is also smaller.  Multiple that by the college’s desire to grow larger and by the competition from all those co-ed liberal arts colleges for exactly the young men your Alma Mater wants to attract.

That means your Alma Mater will need your help, especially with Admissions.  You know some young men who appear to have what it takes to be Wabash men?  Don’t stand on the sidelines of recruiting…jump in.  Get them introduced to Wabash and help them along the recruiting way.

It’s one of the best investments you can make in the future of your Wabash College!


Please Include Wabash On Your Holiday List

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The Grunge is headed out to be GaBunge for a little while.

I just finished reading the latest class letter by JJ Peller ’13.  JJ relates a story about looking for a new truck and the importance of a Wabash connection to that purchase.  JJ made a three hour drive, passing several dealerships on the way, to see classmate Corbin Richards ’13 for a very simple reason – JJ knew what he wanted but had some questions.  He knew Corbin would shoot straight with him.

That reminded me of the way we picked our family doctor when we moved to the South Bend area almost 20 years ago.  I opened the South Bend Tribune and saw a piece on the new physicians coming to the South Bend Clinic.  Bob Oppman ’88 was listed.  I didn’t know Bob from Adam…but his AB was from Wabash and that’s all I needed to know.  Despite moving for South Bend 15 years ago, Bob is still a great friend and our ND area family doc (we have them all over now!)

When I needed some fairly serious work done back in 2006, I turned to my classmate and friend Trey Holland ’71.

When Carol needed a new knee, we went straight to OrthoIndy and Frank Kolisek ’82.

The critical part in all this is the instant trust you have of someone who went to Wabash.  We all know this is a tough course…but we also know it changes lives.

So, I ask a favor.  Join me in supporting Wabash as the year comes to a close.  Wabash makes a difference in young men’s lives.  And education of our young men is more important than ever before.  We do make a difference.

For year end giving information, click here.

To go straight to the “Give Now” option, click here.



A Lighter Side Look At The Chicago Holiday Luncheon

Chicago Luncheon-1546

Our largest-ever Chicago Holiday Luncheon

Mike Warren and I made the trip yesterday to downtown Chicago for the Annual Wabash Club of Chicago Holiday Luncheon.  The location was the University Club.  There wasn’t any traffic (thanks Mike for driving!) and we arrived earlier than we had anticipated.

I hate to reveal personal secrets…but my usual custom is to check out the room for the photo opportunities.  At my minuscule stage of proficiency, I need every advantage I can get.  We had been in the room before so it wasn’t a big deal…or so I thought.

Well, as Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friend.”

The Club’s Art Gallery had been relocated to the room and it seems the theme of the exhibit was “No Clothes.”  Here’s the look right behind the podium and mic.

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

So…instead of anchoring myself in a good spot, I ended up walking back and forth in the back of the room…constantly.  I felt bad, but at one point I had to “reposition” Greg Estell right in the middle of his comments.  Here’s the link to the photo album – see if you can spot the photo right after the “reposition.”

At the end of the day, however, the art just didn’t matter.  As always, the Chicago Holiday luncheon was a great event.  Plenty of Holiday spirit and a time for President Hess to share a lot of great news about the College.


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