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Sphinx Club Pledges doing air guitar

Sphinx Club Pledges doing air guitar

The Grunge and Carol had a sports weekend.  Four basketball games – three at Wabash and one in Louisville – and the Super Bowl!

Watched our latest Sphinx Club pledge class provide extraordinary entertainment at the basketball games…a small sample above and below.  Gotta’ tell you – they might be the best class I’ve seen.

SC Pledges-3469

Guitar solo

They’re “tennis match” and “bowling” are in mid-semester form.

So Louisville…

Louisville Cardinals cheerleaders

Louisville Cardinals cheerleaders

Louisville is famous for its basketball..from a number of different perspectives.  The Yum! Center had over 14,000 people in the house  Sunday afternoon.  Just had to take this photo of the cheerleaders entertaining during a TV time out.  They were talented.  They were entertaining.  And it was sure different than watching our guys.

But…different is the key word.  “Better” or “not as good” don’t apply…”different” applies.

SC Pledges-0237

From the Grunge Archives

Matt Hudson on the quarterback sneak

Matt Hudson on the quarterback sneak

Monon Bell…2009…fourth down…Wabash on their own 18 yard line…DePauw offense looking unstoppable…

I don’t think we had a quarterback sneak in our playbook…

Matt Hudson, our quarterback, made his case for keeping the ball.  He finished his plea to Coach Raeburn with words similar to “Coach, I won’t let you down.”  And he didn’t…First Down!

Wabash goes on to win…

After watching the conversation on the sidelines (but not hearing it) I knew something was up.  So, rather than move to a better angle, I decided to stay close to the line of scrimmage.  I’d rather be lucky than good, any day…)

Matt was simply not going to be denied…and his O-line was going to make it work.

That one hung in my office for a long time and now resides at home.  A special play on a special day…by a gifted and talented young man.



Fabian House ’16 – Some Little Giant

Rick Cavanaugh '76, NAWM Board President, thanks Student representative Fabian House '16 for his service

Rick Cavanaugh ’76, NAWM Board President, thanks student representative Fabian House ’16 for his service on the board

Fabian House is a go-to guy…much like classmates Mason Zurek, Tyler McCullen, AJ Clark…I could go on and on.

Fabian is a talented runner for the track and cross-country teams.  In fact, he was just named NCAC runner of the week.

Fabian has also been the campus tour guide for visiting VIPs.  As you can see in that smile, he’s got “it.”

As an NAWM board member he was invaluable to the board – his leadership and passion for Wabash are exceptional.

Fabian House – Some Little Giant!


Jack Brumbaugh ’67

Jack Brumbaugh '67

Jack Brumbaugh ’67

My friend Jack Brumbaugh, who chairs the executive committee of his law firm in South Miami, represented Wabash and President Gregory Hess at the Inauguration of the new University of Miami President recently.  Jack was kind enough to send us a photo as he prepared for the ceremony.

Hard to believe next June is John’s 50th reunion!

I know that Clark Dickerson ’67, their reunion chair, already has all the wheels in motion for a great get-together…heck, they’ve already invited the Grunge!!!!


Chadwick Court – A Special Place

Game Ball Presentation

Game Ball Presentation

This game ball presentation took place last Saturday before the Oberlin-Wabash basketball game.  This young man and young lady did the honors.  Most of the fans were on their feet.

Special Olympics-9900

It was a special moment at mid-court.

As I reviewed the photos afterwards (the usual “should have done this…shouldn’t have done that”), I was struck by the two Oberlin players in the background.  They never stopped clapping…never.

At halftime, two local Special Olympics teams played a game.  Our Sphinx Club led the cheers and the fans were into the game.

I often refer to Wabash as “this good place”, a line I took from a Bill Cook Chapel Talk, as I recall.  On this Saturday afternoon, I amended it to “this good and special place.”

Doc Keith Baird ’56

Dr. Keith Baird '56

Dr. Keith Baird ’56

This is another “Grunge Archive” photo.  Doc Baird has that flight surgeon look, for sure.

As Carol and the Grunge traveled to football games this past fall, with great friends Sherry and Gary Ross, the four of us often reflected back to past road game trips.  Almost always, the reflections included Doc Baird.  The pizza place in Wooster…the road trip to Oberlin in bad weather…the “have you seen Doc Baird?” at Wittenberg…to the “how did he ever get that motorized wheelchair in that Porsche?”…

Doc loved attending those games and I think he enjoyed the time on the road – just Doc and a Porsche (he had a choice!).  He enjoyed company for sure…just sometimes a Porsche was all the company he needed.

Often, I walk the alley the back way to the Allen Center and almost expect the red Porsche to come around the corner with Doc at the wheel wearing that “I ate the canary and loved it” smile.

Doc Baird was SOMEBODY in our Country’s space program but he never stopped being a Little Giant through and through – he never outgrew his Wabash jeans.  “This good place” was truly home.  “Goooooo…Wabash!”

This one goes home with me too.

You Gotta’ Love This…as long as you’re not taking the class!


Wednesday evening, after a great win over DePauw at Chadwick Court, I was putting the cameras away in the Athletics Office.  I looked over to see this textbook sitting at the desk normally occupied by one of our student workers.

I immediately flashed back to my freshman year, first semester when I stood looking at the Bio 101 book in the college Bookstore and thinking that the authors’ names looked very familiar.  Willis Johnson was the first name…  When the authors of the book are your teachers…well, it adds a little challenge.

But back to the Biochemistry book…

This book is attached to a Wabash man…this is NOT the easy road to a degree.  Those paths include Golf Appreciation, Modern dance, advanced weightlifting…you get my drift.

The Wabash man attached to this book is a serious student…Biochem is not for the faint of heart.

I have to admit a small smile crept over my face.  This is not unusual at “this good place.”

Daniel – The Age of Discovery by Peter Pactor ’65

Peter-pactorPeter Pactor ’65 has authored a new book and it is available on Amazon.  I jumped right on and bought the Kindle version (for my iPad, of course!)

Peter is also preparing to retire at the end of the school year after a great career as a high school teacher, mentor, and administrator.  Peter found early that he loved the classroom and impacting young lives – I could tell he’ll miss it.  I could also sense he’s excited about whatever life brings him next.

In many ways, Daniel is at the Age of Discovery and Peter Pactor…an the Grunge for that matter…are discovering at age.

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