I’m on a Boat: BashBunking with Capt. Murph ’76

Colin Corcoran ’17

My first experience through BashBunks was one I surely will never forget. While interning for the professional lacrosse team, The Chesapeake Bayhawks, I was in need of a place in the area to stay for the summer; however, living in Indiana, it made it hard to find a suitable place in Annapolis, MD.

Colin Corcoran ’17 with Captain Allen Murphy ’76 on the Kelly IV

Over the course of my stay with Captain Murphy, or “Murph” as his friends all called him, not only was I able to get to know him and his passion for Wabash, but also his passion for sailing. Murph took me out sailing a couple of times around the Chesapeake Bay which was an amazing experience.  I was able to learn some basics of sailing, as well as some sailing history while having tons of great conversations about Wabash now, and when he had attended the college. Each morning before work, we would sit down to breakfast and a cup of coffee while being able to admire the beautiful sites of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. Along with this he would take me to shore aboard his dingy so I could get to my car and then head to work. While staying with Murph, I had the opportunity to see many different sites of Annapolis and was able to meet a number of his friends that he had met over the years through his travels who were all also extremely kind to me. Through the generosity of Captain Allen Murphy ’76 and Wabash Career Services’ BashBunks program, it was made possible for me to find proper housing for the summer without having to rush to find a place before my internship began, while staying aboard the Kelly IV.

Without Captain Murph and BashBunks, my transition into the internship would have been very hectic trying to find a place to live and meeting people in the area. I owe endless amounts of thanks and appreciation to Murph for being so generous towards me throughout the week. BashBunks introduced me to a man who I now consider a lifelong friend and I look forward to staying in contact with him throughout his next sailing adventures!


A Young Wally at the Chicago Stock Exchange

During my previous winter break, I did an one-month externship at Cheevers & Company on the floor of Chicago Stock Exchange with one of our prestigious Wabash alumni—John Castro. I met John during a career services event in downtown Chicago.  He is on the advisory board of the Security Traders Association of Chicago and he’s an institutional trader at Cheevers and Company. Being an Economics and Math double major; I wish to pursue a career in investment banking or consulting. So I thought it would be great if he could host me this winter for a job shadowing externship. Luckily, I talked to the right guy, a guy who eventually became my first mentor in the industry of finance.

Zuo ’16 gets his feet wet with an externship in Chicago

My externship started as soon as the semester was over. Working in the Financial First building next to Chicago Board of Trade in downtown Chicago gave me a completely different working experience. During this externship, I felt I was treated as an actual intern because everyone in the office was always willing to help patiently and took my questions seriously. At the very first week, Mr. Castro helped me go through most of the basic finance terms and concepts and taught me how to conduct effective finance researches. He showed me how the business was operated from different offices and how the stock trading was executed as a whole. Later on, he started to put me in front of different desks to see how different sectors of the business works.  I went to the back office to see how they do the daily clearing of all the trading records, traveled to the compliance office to see how they keep track of every executed stock, and I have been to the actual CBOE trading floor to see how brokers start the trade by making their first calls.  Castro not only helped me to get better comprehensive approaches to the stocks trading and finance world, but also helped me expand my social networks. I also helped my boss to write buy and sell tickets on a daily basis to better understand the nature of business.

I should say this is definitely the most unique externship going through Wabash Career Services.  Since the duration of this externship is one month- which is much longer than any other ordinary two-day job shadowing externship- I received more chances to interact with other people in the office. At the end of the externship, I could greet everyone in the office by their names and their normal lunch orders. And unlike other “employers,” my boss bought me launch every day. In order to show the special cares for the international minorities in the office, we had Chinese-Tuesday every week. Furthermore, being a freshman, I am a blank sheet of paper to this “messy” industry, so Castro assigned me different readings and independent research after work so that I could have better understand of the theories in terms of social practices. Furthermore, this externship expanded my horizon in the finance industry and helped me to build the relationship to the people who are working in stock exchange and investment banking.


Castro served as a mentor for Zuo during his internship, providing real-world experience in the world of finance

This externship is definitely unforgettable, not only for the knowledge I learned about the finance industry, but also because of the people I met during this winter break. John Castro is my boss who hosted me throughout my externship; he is a Wabash alumnus who graduated in class of 1997. He is my mentor more than my teacher in many ways, he is a real example of how a Wabash man think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively and live humanely. John is now considering hosting one Wabash every winter and if you are available and interested in Finance, then you can’t miss it. Eventually, I should say, so proud to be a Wabash man!

-Yiyuan Zuo Tiger ‘16