The Center Hall Stairs

Thirty five years ago, when I was a student, I could have written the following:

"Those Center Hall stairs really creak when used.  They are worn out from countless students moving up and down all day long – deep furrows run through the middle of every step."

Well…the more things change the more they stay the same!

Took this photo last night…from the outside looking in as the sun was setting.  If you look very close, there appears to be something moving up the stairs….hmmm…

Only at Wabash…

Charlie Crowley '70 Wins Volunteer Award

"Charles Crowley ’70 was named the Twin Cities Regional Recipient of the Adult Volunteer Excellence Award for his outstanding volunteerism last year.  

The Volunteer Excellence Award program recognizes members who through example and accomplishment during the past year, provided outstanding volunteer service that made a significant impact in the chapter and community."  (Information obtained from press release.)


Congratulations Charlie, you’re Some Little Giant!

For the complete story on Charlie, click here.

Ken Ogorek '87 – Author

Had a chance to visit with Ken Ogorek ’87 while in Pittsburgh – Ken works for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Ken plays a key role in the education provided by the Diocese for all its members.

In the middle of our conversation, Ken mentioned he’s written a few items. After some twisting of his arm, he gave me a copy of one of his latest works – "The Great Life, Essays on Doctrine and Holiness."

Ken will also be playing a key role in the Class of 1987′s reunion next June.

I walked away thinking that if you looked up "All Around Good Guy" in Websters, Ken’s picture would be there.




This Job Is Tough

This is a tough job!  Last night we (Dean Joe Emmick ’92 and Ms. Alison Kothe) had dinner with Chris Passodelis ’55 and his son Chris, Class of 1984.  

This is the view from the restaurant, Isabelas (on Grandview).  The food more than matched the beautiful view!  The treadmill is next this morning…4 hours should do it!!!

If you get to Pittsburgh, you HAVE to go here for a meal!

Spring Has Sprung

As you can see, spring is here. Leaves are popping everywhere…in another week I couldn’t take this picture of the clock tower and Center Hall from here. Not sure how the guys do it – I certainly have spring fever.

Headed to Pittsburgh in an hour. Tomorrow night our Dean for Advancement Joe Emmick ’92 will be named their Man of the Year. Nice tribute to the work Joe has done for the College.

Big Bash 2006

Big Bash 2006 – June 2-4, 2006…

What it isn’t.  The Big Bash isn’t Comps.  It isn’t mandatory study tables or 5:00 AM workouts.  It isn’t pledgeship.  It isn’t a green leg or wearing a pot around. It isn’t a "W" haircut. It isn’t another paper or test. The Big Bash isn’t a fund-raising drive or a get-together for the donors of a class.

What it is.  The Big Bash is a weekend to return to campus and relive old memories and rekindle friendships.  It’s a weekend of enough activity to make it interesting but enough free time to make it your weekend, in any way you want.  It is a Chapel Sing – without hair loss consequences.  

Our only goal for the weekend is to have you come back to the campus and enjoy yourself in the company of Wabash family and friends.  

I sure hope I’ll see you here. 

Just Imagine

Just imagine.  This white oak was knocked down during last week’s storm. Our guys estimate the tree is over 100 years old.

The tree saw President Kane, our fifth president.  It likely observed a couple of young students, Byron Trippet ’30 and Frank Sparks ’56 walk across campus…and maybe skip class to sit beside it’s trunk thinking of the future.

It stood stately as it watched the Fine Arts Center grown in stages right across the street.  It has also seen the great advances under President Andy Ford H’03.

Can you imagine the article Steve Charles, the Wabash Magazine editor, could write it he could interview this oak?

I must have spring fever…better get back to work on Big Bash 2006. 

Campus Services – What a Response!

As you can see elsewhere on the web site and in some of the National media, the campus took a big hit last Friday evening from the storms rushing through Central Indiana.

Our Campus Services team, led by Craig Bell and David Morgan, immediately responded and have been working non-stop on clean-up and repair.  I would guess that by the end of the week the campus will be back to its normal beautiful self, sans a few trees.  

Many thanks go out to our Campus Services team – they’re part of the Wabash community, for sure!

Washington, DC

Interesting to make the trip from New York City to Washington.  Two large cities – two populations playing big roles in the world today…two REALLY different places from a population/”characters” standpoint.   

Made it to the “Basin” for some blossom pictures.  Only four trees left – several of us fighting over them!  Came away with a win!

Last night’s dinner for Anne and Andy was very nice – the staff at Jones Day does a wonderful job.  On the airplane now…Chicago, then Indianapolis, then Lafayette.  More population/character changes ahead.  Back to the office tomorrow…Good Friday…hmm.

Photo from the roof top of Jones Day.  Happy Easter or Passover.

The Supreme Court – Wabash Men Welcome Here

Flew in to DC last night from New York…on second thought, I should have taken the train. Would have been fun to try to get some pictures along the way.

This picture was taken the last time I was in DC. I know that Tom Fisher ’91 and Greg Castanias ’87 have brought cases before the Highest Court on the Land – I wonder how many other Wabash men have as well?

We expect almost 100 people for tonight’s event honoring the Fords – should be a great time!