So…the question is sometimes asked: "Is a liberal arts college able to adjust and adapt in the modern day?"  Put another way – can a liberal arts college prepare someone for a state-of-the-art career?

Of course, we are always quick to reply. And I wanted to offer some proof. I could have looked for curriculum changes and other academic signs that Wabash is indeed meeting all the modern day needs of our students. However, I wanted something more. I wanted something that stated, really stated, that the entire campus community is involved in keeping the entire Wabash experience as modern as possible.

Then the light came on, so to speak.

I visited Center Hall, which has stood on the same site since Columbus discovered America or there about, and took a photo of the small porch on the east side. This entry way is so classic, so timeless, so Wabash.

Upon closer inspection? Checkout the state-of-the-art light bulb. Need I say more?

Alkermes Names Broecker President and CEO

Biotechnology company Alkermes Inc. said Monday David Broecker, Wabash ’83, will become president and chief executive effective April 1 as part of its management succession plan.

Broecker is currently president and chief operating officer. He succeeds Richard F. Pops, who becomes chairman.

You can learn more about the company at

Congrats Dave!

Visiting Costa Rica? Read On!

If you are headed down to Costa Rica and looking for a place to stay, check with alumnus Jim Twomey ’54. Jim and his wife run a B & B there (photo is of the courtyard at their place) and they are willing to give a 50% discount to Wabash alumni, parents, and students.

Contact Jim by email at:

Alumni from 1994 Advancing Professionally

Damon R. Leichty, Wabash ’94, was recently named a partner in the South Bend law offices of Barnes and Thornburg. He concentrates his practice in products liability, as well as contract, property, shareholder, and other corporate or commercial disputes.


Doug Poulston, Wabash ’94, was recently promoted to General Manager of Welch Packaging Group in Chicago.


Photo:  Damon Leichty

It's A Small Wabash World

Pictured: Bob Wild ’59, Commander Karl Cooke ’86, USN, Tom Runge, and Richard Bowen, Glee Club director, and F-111F 390 (the best war machine ever to take flight, IMHO)

So, Bob, Richard and I are standing in front of the F-111F at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB, OH and up walks Karl who says: "Did I hear you mention Wabash College? I graduated from Wabash." Small world.

Karl was in the Dayton area for only a couple of weeks attending a course at the base. He is a helicopter pilot in the Navy and just happened to be going through the Museum at the same time as the Glee Club.

We caught up-talking about the Glee Club trip, the new FIJI house, and the same thankfulness I have for my Wabash education and how it helped me in the military.

When you get a moment, say a little prayer for Karl and his family…and the rest of our folks in uniform. There is no better life than that of a serviceman – but the sacrifices are many. Thank goodness we have young men and women willing to serve and keep all of us, regardless of our political feelings, free.

I would give anything to be back in uniform flying….anything.


That's Dan Susie '68 on the Cover

Alumnus Dan Susie ’68 appeared on the cover of a Texas Lawyer article on lawyers making moves between big firms in Texas. Dan spent 24 years at Strasburger and loved it but he saw a number of opportunities when he contemplated the move to Winstead.

Dan is a well-know banking attorney in the Dallas area and throughout the South and my guess is that Winstead, as they were expanding their business, made Dan a top priority. We’re happy for Dan and wish him all the best!

Mike Bachner '70

I ventured out yesterday on campus with the camera – first time I was able to get a good shot of the senior bench since the snowstorm.

One measure of a person’s impact on this campus is how long their name remains on the bench.  Mike Bachner’s name has been on there for over three months – and that’s on a bench that can be painted several times a week.  A fitting tribute to Some Little Giant.

I stopped by the Bookstore after taking the photos and was surprised to see Mike’s desk empty.  Somehow I just knew he’d be sitting there…

Bet they didn’t get 17" of snow in heaven! 


Peyton Manning and Harry Cotton?

Could it be? Is that Peyton Manning at Commencement with Professor Harry Cotton? I thought he went to one of those SEC schools?

That’s actually JB Bachman ’61 at Commencement with Dr. Cotton. Note the ever-present pipe in Dr. Cotton’s hands…

Oh, the Good Ole’ Days!

Photo from JB Bachman.