Steve Hoffman '85 – Radio Personality

Many of you know Steve "Hoff" Hoffman ’85. †In many ways, he’s been a "Mr. Everything" at Wabash. Quarterback as a student…football coach…golf coach…now a Senior Major Gifts Officer in the Office of Advancement. He’s also a member of the local radio broadcast team.

This pictures shows Steve doing the radio pre-game show before the Albion game last Saturday.

If you can’t be in Hollett Stadium this coming Saturday, tune into 91.3 on your FM dial or listen through the Wabash web site. You’ll get the ‘straight skinny" from Hoff!




We'll Need YOU Next Saturday

We had a good crowd, as you can see, for the first playoff game against Albion. However, there were several seats available – one of them might have had your name on it.

Next Saturday Capital will roll into town. Many of our students will still be on Thanksgiving break. We could use you…right here…Hollett Stadium…12 noon…be there!

Phil Ogden '37

Opened my mail to a nice note and the attached picture from Phil Ogden ’37.

Phil recounted some of his days at Wabash including a Chapel steps haircut for Will Hays, Jr. ’37, the "Yearly Fight Night" between freshmen and sophomores (President Hopkins stopped it quickly!), and his post graduate work at Pasadena College. Evidently, Pasadena used a textbook by the W. Norwood Brigance.  The teacher was so impressed that Phil know Professor Brigance he asked Phil to teach the course!

Phil closed his note with: And so…Wabash will always be "Long in our hearts!"

Phil Ogden, Little Giant from the Class of 1937, you absolutely made my day!



David Woessner '01 – Back and Busy!

Wabash put David to work late last week.  David returned to campus for the College’s Top Ten program – an Admissions program designed to introduce top performers to Wabash.  David took part in Alumni panels designed to highlight the power of a Wabash education.  Easy to do!  David left Wabash and attained dual Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from Georgia Institute of Technology.  

Before the Top Ten program, David also met with current Wabash students for career discussions over breakfast.  

Here David takes a well-deserved break from the action to attend the Bell game.

David currently works for IBM as a Business Solutions professional.  

Alan Stolz '53 – Award Winning EMT

Alan Stolz ’53 has recently received two awards for his Emergency Medical Services skills.

  1. Alan received the 2005 Fairfield County Hero Award for saving a woman suffering cardiac arrest.  Thanks to Alan’s prompt action, she was able to recover fully and left the hospital after a short stay.
  2. Alan’s 20 years of EMS service have also been recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. 


Congratulations Alan Stolz, Some Little Giant!

Veterans Day

Today is November 11, 2005…Veterans Day…quietly celebrated here… 

Let’s put aside red state vs. blue state, pro- or anti-Bush, pro- or anti-Iraq War, sexist-or-not opinions and take just a moment to think of and thank the men and women who have served our Country throughout our history. Even better, thank the moms, dads, spouses, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and other family members whose loved ones have served. Their sacrifices are every bit as great as those in uniform.