It Has Rained So Much That…

Every spring our Campus Services team plants red tulips at the front sign. Of course, that corner, the corner of Grant St. and Wabash Ave., is the semi-official start of the campus. The tulips never make it to Commencement, but they sure are a nice touch.

This year, they are just as nice as ever – with a small exception. We must have had soooooo much rain over the last couple of weeks that it washed all the red color out of the flowers and left us with, well, very, very light red, dare you say, pink tulips.

Wabash College – a liberal arts college for men – very light red tulips…

Finals Are Here

With final exams this week, our guys are busy getting in all the preparation they need to to ace every final and generate all "A" papers.

Of course, studying takes on many, many different forms. This young man is using the one I used most as a student – the "nice spring day osmosis" approach. Notice the technique – the books are open to the appropriate chapters and located in close proximity to the cranium, thus insuring a high bandwidth transfer rate. You’ll notice the backpack is also located close to the pillow, allowing for a multi-transfer approach.

I just hope he has better luck than I did…my sheepskin lacks a couple of Latin words many of my classmates have…

Clark Dickerson '67 – He'll Be At The Bash.

That’s alumnus Clark Dickerson ’67 with his daughter Mindy and grandson Jack. Best I can calculate, Jack will be a member of the Class of 2027. Let that soak in for just a second – Class of 2027…

Clark is leading the reunion effort for his class and he’s done an unbelievable job. There are over 40 members of his class registered, including 13 members of his pledge class…

Clark’s looking forward to this year’s Bash and so are we. All we need is you! Make sure you register for the reunion by May 21, 2007.

Don’t miss it -you’ll kick yourself, believe me.

It's Gotta Be The Hats

That’s Jon Pactor ’71 and President Pat White in the middle of Terminal C at DFW (Dallas Fort Worth airport) as they wait for their flight back to Indianapolis.

Pat’s hat is a great Wabash advertisement and Jon’s hat makes a similar case for W.A.B.A.S.H. Day (October 6-7, 2007, by the way!)

Jon surprised Pat and Chris White by showing up as a "guest" at the Dallas dinner for the Whites.

Wonder if President White has ever tried a bow tie? And I don’t mean pasta…

Big Bash 2007 – They'll Be There!

That’s John Yanko ’57 and his lovely wife Jeananne. †John’s the class agent for the Class of 1957 – they’ll be celebrating the 50th reunion of their class this June.

I recently visited the Yanko’s in their brand new home in Dallas – they’re glad to be settled but excited about the trip back to Crawfordsville and Wabash.

I hope you are planning to join the Yankos and your classmates at the Big Bash.

Answer to question: That’s the south door of Goodrich Hall – congrats to Earl Houck ’67 and Dottie McCormick for the correct answers.

OK – Here's a test

OK – here’s a little test for those of you who’ve been back on campus recently. This door belongs to what building on campus?

Obviously it gets used because there’s a door mat out there getting a little bit of a suntan.

The winner gets two free tickets to the 2006 Monon Bell Classic or this year’s Super Bowl – take your choice!

Off to Dallas later this afternoon – big dinner tomorrow evening for President Pat White and Mrs. White. Temperature in Dallas today – 80 degrees. †Not that much cooler here!

See you Thursday!

The H-Y-P Club – A Special Place

The H-Y-P Club is a great place for a Wabash event. †After all, it’s a tradition-rich setting that honors it’s collection of schools in a very nice manner.

On the second floor, in the main dining room, you can find the list of presidents and their initials are color-coded with the colors of their Alma Mater. It’s like having the portraits of the president hanging in the Wabash Chapel.

As you know, the Grunge digs places like this so I am always thrilled to make another trip to Pittsburgh and the H-Y-P Club.

I looked all over the Club, by the way, but I never did find a mention of the inventor of the world wide web…

New Turf Coming

No, that’s not new turf – it’s the "old stuff" passing on to football field heaven.  A soon as it’s seen the light and moved on, we’ll get brand new sod for next season.

Franklin College will be here on September 8, 2007.  That game promises to be an exciting one.  As you’ll recall, we were on the losing end of a thrilling overtime game there last time.

Something tells me our guys still remember that game…

Want To Work at Wabash?

Well, I usually use this space to talk about Wabash alumni or on-campus events. However, today let me draw your attention to a couple of employment postings on the College web site.

For those of you who want to work at Wabash, there are a couple of new positions that might be of interest. One is for a Business Office Manager and the other is an Admissions position.

There are also a number of faculty positions listed.

Now…working at Wabash is work, make no mistake. If it wasn’t we’d call in Wabash summer camp or Wabash golf! However, if you’re like many of us and would like to give something back while supporting the College’s efforts, one of these positions just might be for you.

Scholarships Make Great Things Happen For Good People

Erick Martin ’07, an economics and music double major, gave his senior recital this past Sunday. As you can see in the picture, President Pat White and Chris White attended as did Wabash legend Paul Mielke ’42.

Erick is the recipient of the Mary Lou Denney Woodwind Scholarship this year. This scholarship honors Mary Lou Mielke, wife of Prof. Mielke. Mrs. Mielke was not able to be at the recital for health reasons but we’re absolutely sure she’s as proud as can be of Erick! The scholarship is awarded to a music student with preference given to flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, or French horn.

Erick has been a very active member of several on-campus musical organizations and also has shared his talents by teaching musicians at Crawfordsville High School. His focus in music has been on composition, and he hopes to become a film composer.

Good luck to Erick and thanks to Paul and Mary Lou Mielke for starting the Scholarship!