He'll Be At The Bash

Do you recognize this class agent? He’s one of the most active, most engaged class agents we have and his class will be back in force at the 2006 Big Bash.

From the looks of it, his class might just have the most members returning for this Bash…

Answer tomorrow.




Sing Loud and Proud

The Morehouse College & Wabash College Glee Club performance Saturday, March 4, 2006 was exceptional in every respect. The evening’s special moments were the singing of the two school’s Alma Maters. Alumni from each college were invited to join the combined Glee Club. Here you see Scott Himsel ’85 in the foreground with Clay Robbins ’79 standing directly behind him. Farther along the row it’s Trustee Jim Cumming ’61.

A very special evening, to be sure!

DC Externship Program Starts This Weekend

This weekend ten young Wabash men will forego a trip to Florida or Texas for spring break and instead head to Washington, DC.  In Washington, they’ll have a week- long externship with a Wabash alumnus – some in law, some in government, and some in business.

The program is named for the late Colonel Jim Graham ’65.  Jim was instrumental in making the National Capital Association of Wabash Men (NCAWM) one of the most active regional associations we have.  Jim’s vision was a group in the DC area connected to the College and each other.  It was a labor of love for Jim and his infectious enthusiasm made all the difference.

Ten young Wabash men will get to see first-hand the power of the Wabash network.

Thanks Jim!

Big Bash 2006 – They'll Be There!

That’s President Andy Ford H’03 talking to Skip Long ’71 in Chicago. Skip was on his way to the airport to fly to Europe for a big business meeting - but he wanted to stop by the Wabash Club of Chicago event and say hello to Andy.

Andy and Skip will be at the Big Bash this year – sure hope you and your friends plan to be there as well.

Pastor Tom Anthony '86

It almost sounds like a movie these days – but with a happy ending. A couple has their car taken by armed criminals right from their driveway – with their two kids strapped into the back seat. Dad gives chase – shots fired. Aftermath – pretty shaken parents and children. No movie script – it happened!

The dad said: "I’m feeling like God had his hand on me and my family today." Right there along side was Wabash’s Tom Anthony ’86, pastor of Cross Pointe Christian Church. The picture shows Tom talking with one of the children after the incident.

Tom Anthony ’86 – Some Little Giant!


For the newspaper article, click here.


Tackle Basketball – Uniquely Wabash

The half-time entertainment for last week’s North Coast Athletic Conference playoff game was provided by the Sphinx Club pledge class.  As you can see in the foreground, it’s best described as tackle basketball.

Just a little to the left, another "defender" is drawing a bead on the guy about to get the ball.

Even though it’s half-time, a lot of fans are glued to the action.

Headgear?  Another Wabash tradition!  

Old Glory

Some things on campus seem to challenge me to take the perfect picture, but I never can.  The Pioneer Chapel is one of those…a lot of shots…still looking for the perfect one.

The US Flag on the mall is the same way. This photo was taken from the second floor of Hays Hall, the state-of-the-art science building.  The photo is OK…but, of course, I’ll be back to try to make it better.

Guess that’s the liberal arts education in me…

Have a good weekend…   

Phi Psi Alumni at Cracker Barrel


Saturday, February 18th several Phi Psi brothers got together for breakfast and memories at a Cracker Barrel in Indianapolis.

Pictured are: Dr. Larry Adams ’82, Greg Peckham ’82, Tim Guiden ’82, Kevin Hibner ’82, Dr. Dave Soper ’82, Tom Bradburn ’82 and Mac McLaughlin ‘83

The report was short and sweet – everyone had a great time and they want to make this a recurring meeting.

Nobody, we’re told, spilled their biscuits and gravy! Shouldn’t that be Soy oatmeal and dry toast (healthy, you know)?