Special…In Every Way!

In the photo…President Pat White, the legendary Ginny Hays H’37, Vic Powell H’55, Joe O’Rourke H’65, Charles Martin ’37, John Yanko ’57, Eric Shreve ’02, new Trustee and legend Don Shelbourne ’72…and about 300 other Wabash alumni.

It’s the conclusion of the Chapel Sing competition and from one side to the other, many deep, everyone was singing "Old Wabash".

I’m just a poor, dumb fighter pilot so the words easily escape me…but it was a special weekend…special in every way. The biggest reunion in the College’s history…guys from South Africa, Belgium, Thailand, and Canada. Thirty six states and DC represented. Class of 1967 had 66 members back – highest in history…

Time to start working on Big Bash 2008…


It Doesn't Seem That Long Ago!

Jim Herr ’92 and his wife looking through the Class of 1992 yearbook at Big Bash Registration. Th

ey were having a great time back at Wabash as were the other 400 people who were with us for Friday’s programs.

We expect another 200 or so today-we’re having a great time. Can’t wait for the Chapel Sing competition that starts later today.

When Jim graduated our incoming freshmen were 2 or 3 years old…

Sleep comes next week…

Bash Is Here! Almost!

Big Bash Is Almost Here…we’re scrambling with the last minute details of things like piano rentals, hanging plaques, last minute slide shows, and VERY late RSVPs…

We can control all of that, just can’t control the weather…

Hope to see you this weekend!

Zamboni? Can Hockey Be Far Behind?

Saw this "zamboni" being driven around the Mall on one of my walks around campus…the only place I recall seeing them was on hockey rinks. In fact, that’s my dream retirement job – zamboni pilot. I’ve picked out the locale and now all I need is the job posting!!!

OK…so it’s a small street sweeper and our Campus Services team is pulling out all the stops to prepare the campus for Big Bash weekend. Looks like it’ll surpass last year’s attendance and be our biggest reunion weekend ever. Stay tuned for details…

If you’re traveling to campus for the reunion, please travel safe.

The "New" College Hall

Construction continues in earnest on the old TKE house/College Hall. The TKEs, whose studies indicated they needed a new house, will break ground on their new 40-man house (site of the old Sigma Chi house) over Big Bash weekend.

Meanwhile, their old house (pictured) is receiving a face lift as it goes from a shared residence (TKEs and independent men) to only independent housing.

With luck, the TKEs will be in the new digs at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year.

Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Let’s take just a minute to not think about the politics of the war, the politics of politics, whether or not the Attorney General should step down, why gas prices are so high, and who will win the Indy 500.

Let’s spend just a minute thinking about our young men and women fighting the War on Terrorism, especially those who have fallen in the pursuit of freedom.

I helped bury Major Fernando (Nando) Ribas and Captain Paul Lorence in April 1986. I worked with them. I flew with them. They were my friends.

They were killed on the Libya raid. One Monday morning they woke up, put on their flight suits, kissed their wives goodbye and went off to a "base exercise". Neither one told their spouses they were going into combat on what would be, and still is, the longest fighter mission ever.

They never came home. Twenty four hours later, at a little before 6:00 AM, Carol and I were knocking on Diana Lorence’s front door – the toughest mission I ever had.

However, Libya never raised its terrorist head again.

So, take a moment this weekend to think about the Nandos and Pauls you knew. Say a prayer for their families. Say another prayer, if you will, that we have young men and women who lay their life on the line for this country and our safety.

Ask the Big Guy, whoever your Big Guy is, to keep them safe.

Picture: Wabash Mall, May 2007.

Phi Gam House Trys To Grow???

On one of my strolls around campus, I passed by the FIJI house and noted an interesting approach to watering…something.

I couldn’t decide if they had were trying to "grow" a larger front porch or if this was some symbolic watering in hopes of a big pledge class in the fall. Of course, they also may have been trying to keep the owls cool in the heat…

Bonus Feature – Tommy’s Aftermath – Click here

Big Bash 2007 – Bob Will Be There

That’s Bob Hobson ’57 with his grandson Nicholas. That’s one proud grandfather, for sure.

Bob’s definitely going to be here for the 2007 edition of the Big Bash. He’ll join over 40 of his classmates as they celebrate their 50th reunion.

On a personal note, as you can see, Bob is already recruiting Nicholas – Dean of Admissions Steve Klein would be proud. Strong family tradition of CAL though, so we’ll have to keep the effort up for a number of years.

Don’t forget to make sure your sons, grandsons, and nephews are on the Admissions radar. all it takes is a referral to Admissions and they take care of the rest.  Refer here.

Class of 1967-Some Little Giants!

The Class of 1967 has 63 registered for their 40th reunion coming up at the 2007 Big Bash. If that number holds, and they all sign into the Alumni Registry, that will be a new world’s record…ahh…OK, a new Wabash record.

Many thanks go to Clark Dickerson, their reunion chairman, who has been a leader without equal. Clark’s non-stop drive to get guys back has really made the difference.

Thanks Clark – your class should have a great time at the Bash…

Now, about that class that has seven guys coming back…