No Snow…Yet!

However, we could see some snow tonight. Can’t believe the semester is all but over. Next week is finals week…and then the guys are gone for the rest of the year!

Back when I was a student and each semester was well over a year long and Bio 1 labs lasted three days straight and Comps were a month long…just the orals…


Inauguration – Coming Fast

I can’t believe this semester is almost over – the time has been flying by! That means Pat White’s Inauguration is just around the corner. I attended a meeting today of the Inauguration committee and they are busy building a great Wabash weekend.

A special event, in my mind, will be the Friday evening dinner aimed squarely at our students. Not only will they have an opportunity to honor Pat and Chris White but they’ll be able to play a pivotal role in shaping the College’s next Strategic Plan.

Pat White…only the 15th President since 1832…pretty special time to be at Wabash!

George Graham '60 Loses Battle To Cancer

George J. Graham, Wabash ’60, a noted political theorist who was passionate about teaching and cared deeply for his students, died on Nov. 30 after a battle with lung cancer. He was a member of the Vanderbilt faculty for more than 40 years.

Graham earned his bachelor’s degree from Wabash College. He received a doctorate in government from Indiana University in 1965. His honors included a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship and the Jeffrey Nordhaus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in the College of Arts and Science. He also was awarded a fellowship at The National Humanities Institute at Yale University.

For an additional tribute, click here.

PLease keep George’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

Mike Bachner '70 Will Be Missed

When alumni return to campus after long periods away, they often comment on the many things that have changed and the things that have, to their comfort, remained timeless. The Chapel is one…the Mall is another…Forest Hall still another. Many would put the Sparks Center, Scarlet Inn, and Bookstore in that category as well. They feel good and at home when returning to those places.

And any talk of the timeless, reassuring nature of the Wabash Bookstore automatically turns to the face of the Bookstore for many generations of Wabash families – Mike Bachner ’70.

Yesterday, Mike passed away from a sudden heart attack. There simply are not any words. None.

We miss him already. He loved Wabash so much and made it his personal task in life to keep 100% of our alumni, students, parents, faculty, and staff happy. He came awfully close.

In the same way I can still hear my mother’s voice, I can hear Mike’s. Especially when he used to say: "Hey Runge…" That meant I had probably made some sort of bad move. But the smile – that smile told me it was OK in the grand scheme of things. He knew the real meaning of life, I believe, and it went far beyond bio books and sweatshirts.

Please keep Patricia and their daughters in your thoughts and prayers.

Painting Celebrates Wabash Bonds

Mark Shreve ’04 and Jon Pactor ’71 flank the painting and artist, Kat Rohrbacher, at yesterday’s presentation. (Full story)

The painting is a gift from the artist and the family of Ken Rudolph ’05. Ken, as many will recall, was tragically killed in an auto accident earlier this year. The painting symbolizes the unfinished nature of Ken’s life and his contributions. It’s a very moving piece and we are very fortunate to have it on display in the Hays Alumni Center.

Class of 1971 – Monon Bell Weekend

Several members of the Class of 1971, together with some close friends, returned for the Monon Bell game and then later (in photo) got together for dinner at a local restaurant.

In the picture: Jon Pactor ’71, Dave Ault ’70, Steve Wildman ’71, John Lathrop ’71, Kai Chin ’71, Beck Hanniford ’71, Bill Lee ’71 , Steve Hayes ’74, Jeff Eaton ’71, and Andy Young ’71 seated).

These Little Giants Make Me Proud

Henry Tucker, son of Mike Tucker ’93, is almost a normal, growing 5 year old. Except for one thing – he has cancer. Henry needs a bone marrow transplant. Thanks to the generosity of the Sphinx Club and Student Senate, any Wabash community member could be "typed" this afternoon at no personal cost. The normal cost is $52.00 a sample.

The fact that the students are funding it is enough for me to sit back and be very proud. But there’s more. I just returned from the Church where the testing is being conducted. It’s full. Even better, half of those present are Wabash students.

On a day when many could have headed home for Thanksgiving vacation just after that last class, many stuck around. They don’t need to know Henry or Mike or Henry’s mom. They just know a Wabash family needs their help. I’m awfully proud…

Regardless of how far from campus you may be this Thanskgiving, you can help Henry and every other family in need. For more information, call 1-800marrow2 or see

Thad and Polly Seymour Were Here

President Thad H’78 and Polly (r) Seymour were in town this past weekend for the Monon Bell game and for the induction of Fran Hollett H’85 (l) into the Wabash Athletics Hall of Fame. †The entire weekend was a great one as almost 250 gathered for the Hall of Fame ceremony and Wabash beat DePauw before a record crowd the next day.

Carol Runge – Wabash Football Fan

That’s Carol Runge working at the Denison tailgate long before the tailgate was set to begin. She always makes sure there plenty of food (in this case home made chicken noodle soup), snacks, veggies, home made brownies, etc. All that prep takes place after a long day at her full time job. She is a stalwart…

If she knew I was doing this, she’d kill me – but that’s OK. She loves Wabash football and is always there, making new friends and cheering the Little Giants on to victory.

Yes, I am biased. Yes, I did marry well above myself. Yes, I am lucky and so is our College – Carol is a difference maker.